Automate Desktop

Robotic Desktop Automation Tool

Small-scale robotic process automation for desktop applications



Windows, Linux, IBM i

Automate desktop requires no coding

Accessible Automation

You don’t need any coding expertise to find value in desktop automation tools like Automate.

Scalable automation tool

Get Your Feet Wet with Desktop Automation

Get a taste for what RPA can do with just individual installation—then scale as needed

Desktop automation to power up productivity

Power Up Individual Employees

Let powerful desktop automation bots do tedious, repetitive work so people can focus on adding value.

What is Desktop Automation?

Desktop automation is robotic process automation scaled down for a single user. Desktop automation tools install on a single machine for one user and helps people solve the problems within their sphere. Think of it as automatically checking boxes off one person’s to-do list.

Desktop automation tools have bots that interact with websites, log into applications, pull data from Excel files, transfer files, generate reports, and much more.

What could you do with robotic desktop automation?

Business users like customer service representatives can simplify their tasks with desktop application automation and automated call setup. And IT can automate workflows using any of the tasks in the list to get rid of tedious, manual tasks and eliminate error.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Automate Desktop software can handle a variety of tasks right out of the box, and no coding is required. Business users find value with drag-and-drop functionality, and IT can create powerful workflows with advanced capabilities.

What's the Difference Between RPA, RDA, and BPA?

Robotic desktop automation vs robotic process automation


Enterprise robotic process automation lives on your network and works with applications used by the entire organization. Multiple users with different permission sets can work together.

RDA (robotic desktop automation)


Robotic desktop automation is for processes that only involve one person, one desktop, and the applications that live on the desktop. 

BPA (business process automation)


Business process automation can accomplish many of the same tasks that an enterprise robotic process automation solution can accomplish. It works on a larger scale for larger organizations.

Get the full picture on the difference between RPA and BPA.

Users love Automate Robotic Process Automation on G2

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Automate receives high ratings from users on G2 for ease of use, easy setup, and high ROI.  Learn why customers find incredible value with all they can do with the software. 

“That budgeting job used to monopolize four or five people for two or three days straight. I automated it and created the files we needed in less than 90 minutes.”

David Brown
Systems Analyst
Echelon Home Products

Automate Desktop vs. Automate Plus vs. Automate Ultimate

Automate Desktop


Desktop Automation for one person, their computer, and their applications.

Automate Plus RPA


Enterprise automation working with processes involving multiple people, departments, and processes.

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Automate Ultimate unlimited bots


All the functionality of Automate Plus, but with unlimited bots and studios.

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