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Discover how RPA software robots easily automate processes and workflows to transform the way your business operates


Within RPA, software robots, commonly referred to as bots, automate repetitive tasks that employees perform each day.  Bot automation relies on software robots to interact with applications, systems, and workflows, streamlining a wide-range of business processes without human intervention. Bots do not replace human workers, but handle tedious processes, so your employees can focus on more strategic, value-added initiatives. Learn more about bot automation and where you can use software robots to work alongside your human workforce. 

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What Is an RPA Bot?

bot automation to power up productivityA bot is an agent that interprets and executes tasks on your behalf. RPA software robots can handle time-consuming tasks that human workers typically perform, including data scraping and extraction, report distribution, web browser task automation, and countless other business processes. Think of bots as an extension of your human workforce—with a slightly different anatomy. Some bots run based on triggers, some are scheduled, and some work around the clock. 

Type of Bots

There are two types of bots—attended and unattended. Attended bots work alongside human employees to make everyday tasks easier and go into action when a user commands them to run. Attended automation streamlines processes like screen scraping or GUI automation. Unattended bots work behind the scenes and are triggered by an action—like a file being added to a folder—to manage high volumes of data and information. Unattended automation streamlines processes like file transfers or database processing.

What Can One Bot Do?

One bot is typically referred to as robotic desktop automation. It assists one person with tasks that they would typically perform on a desktop. This is usually a low-cost method of automation, but the benefits for single user automation are significant. Desktop automation often tackles Excel, website interaction, or report generation for one person.

What Can Multiple Bots Do?

Enterprise bot automation involves using multiple bots to automate processes between people, departments, and applications that touch different areas of the business. Leveraging multiple bots provides flexibility and scalability to automate across processes and teams, enabling you to streamline manual tasks and centrally manage assets—from workflows and users to servers and agents.

What Can Unlimited Bots Do?

In organizations where manual work weighs down virtually every area of the business, unlimited bots can spark an amazing transformation. Think of the power of a bot on every desktop, tackling all the mundane tasks that keep employees from more meaningful work. Unlimited bot automation has the power to transform the way your organization operates to unlock full enterprise automation potential.

Where Can You Put Bot Automation to Work?

By empowering human employees with a digital workforce of software bots, you can boost productivity, improve accuracy, and help your organization grow. Here are a few examples of how and where you can put bot automation to work across your organization.


Regulatory Compliance and Reporting • Financial Review Preparation • Standard Journal Entries • Financial Planning and Analysis


Help and Service Desk Management • Network Automation and Remediation • Software Installation and Updates • Role-Based Security Management


User Provisioning • Employee Benefits • Employee Data • Learning and Development Administration
Finance Industry


Accounts Payable Processing • Accounts Receivable Processing • Invoice Processing
Halcyon Native Monitoring


Report Generation • Website and Forms Monitoring • Social Media Automation

Customer Service

Call Center • Customer Emails • Escalation Management

What Types of Processes Can Bot Software Automate?

One key benefit of using bots is flexibility. If you have a repeated process—even if it spans multiple systems—your digital workforce of software bots can easily take care of it. Below are a few examples of the most critical bots for your organization. Take time to learn more about the best bots for your business.


Website Interaction Bot

The Internet is supposed to make lives easier, but it often creates a lot of work. If you have human employees, or risky custom scripts, handling repeated web tasks like logging into a website to upload files or collecting daily data from multiple sites, you can get help from a robot.  

A website interaction bot can log into a website, navigate through several pages, enter credentials, download files, and notify the human employee that they are ready. 

Data Management Bot

Data is critical in business, but most organizations still struggle with the manual work involved in managing the data they collect.  

A data management robot can extract, manipulate, and utilize data from a variety of sources. Get assistance from a data bot for tasks like entering data into multiple reports or scraping PDF information.  

Accounts Payable Bot

Almost all businesses deal with sending and receiving invoices. Software robots can be configured to automatically process invoices upon arrival, whether they arrive electronically or on paper. The robots will never lose track of a form or make a calculation error.  

When an invoice arrives from a vendor, the accounts payable bot uses OCR to read the invoice, match it to the purchase order, and route it to the proper queue for processing. 

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