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Automate desktop requires no coding

5x More Value In Automation

Supercharge your digitial workforce to have a bot working alongside every human employee.

BPA (business process automation)

Unlimited Scalability

With one price, you get everything you need for life to constantly enhance your digital transformation strategy.

RPA (robotic process automation)

Power Your Automation CoE

Carry out a long-term vision with an automation center of excellence (CoE) to maximize the benefits of RPA.

How Can Your Organization Put RPA to Work?

Automate Ultimate gives you all the great features of Automate Plus, but with unlimited bots to help level-up your automation strategy. These six areas are just some of the places you can leverage powerful enterprise-grade RPA plus BPA to boost productivity and improve accuracy across your critical business operations. And with the intuitive design of Automate Ultimate, it's easy for users across multiple departments, at any skill level, to take advantage of the benefits of automation.

robotic process automation workflow

Claims Processing Automation

From processing forms, validating eligibility, notification, payment, and more, software robots can streamline every step in your claims processing workflows and eliminate human error with RPA.
robotic process automation bots

Human Resources Automation

Streamline your most critical HR processes: automate Active Directory user provisioning, scrape data from forms, and automatically email managers of employee account updates.
robotic process automation solutions

IT Services Automation

Let bots help you monitor systems, receive automatic, real-time notification of problems, and report on and analyze your IT services, as well as automatically respond to common IT requests like password resets.
robotic process automation solutions

Data Management Automation

Use RPA to automatically write to a database, business application, or report and gain better control of your data with bots that extract, manipulate, and utilize data from sources on premise or in the cloud.
robotic process automation for call center

Call Center Automation

Bots that quickly access multiple systems to pull, analyze, or process order history and other data help you save time so you can provide the best experience for your cutomers.
robotic process automation for accounts payable

Accounts Payable Automation

Bots can help you manage your Accounts Payable workflow and process invoices upon arrival and automatically extract and manipulate data from paper forms.

How Can Your Organization Benefit from RPA?

No matter where you are in your RPA journey, our interactive quiz can help you figure out the best place to take your strategy to the next level. By answering a few easy questions, you can find out where your organization can best put RPA to work.

"It allows you to crunch through a lot of the data and routine testing you’re doing over and over. It never gets tired. That’s why we love Automate.”

Matt Speare
Carter Bank & Trust

Automate Ultimate vs. Automate Plus vs. Automate Desktop

Automate Ultimate unlimited bots


All the functionality of Automate Plus, but with unlimited bots and studios.

Automate Plus RPA


Enterprise automation working with processes involving multiple people, departments, and processes.

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Automate Desktop


Desktop automation for one person, their computer, and their applications.

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