Easily build, update, and create robust recordings for real-world automation



The Automate Recorder is an enterprise-class RPA recording tool that enables you to quickly and easily build, accelerate, and distribute automation for desktop and browser-based applications.

Purpose built for practical use, the Automate Recorder empowers simple, do-it-yourself UI-driven automation without writing a single line of code. Included as part of the top-rated Automate RPA solution, the Automate Recorder provides the right balance of flexibility and power suited for real-world, complex recordings. 

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What Makes the Automate Recorder Superior to Other Recorders?

Step Approach Provides Immediate Feedback

As you build the UI automation, you can test steps along the way. Breaking recordings into multiple steps of the workflow ensures that you get real-time guidance and feedback—without waiting until the end of a recording to find out if a step is broken. If you encounter a glitch, you can address it right away without starting the recording over. It also eliminates the need to reconnect with your browser session as you build web-based automations.

Simplify Management and Upkeep of Recordings

Because recordings can be edited within the Automate Recorder, you can easily add, modify, move or delete individual steps within recordings as needed. Come back as many times as you need to re-enter recordings and apply fixes or separate updates at any time.

Mix UI and Business Logic Together

The Automate Recorder enables you to mix UI actions and back-end automation to mimic human thought processes with non-UI business logic. While traditional macro driven recorders capture only what the user performs on-screen, intent is not easily translated. To satisfy logical decisions, a recording must be able to add non-UI steps, including loops, expressions, and if-statements.

How Does the Automate Recorder Work?


With the Automate Recorder, you can update, edit, and manage recordings easily. Add programming logic, including loops and conditional logic, and incorporate non-UI automation, like calling an API.

Mix UI, recorded tasks together with back-end automated tasks and personalize the automation to your organization’s unique workflows. This leads to more robust rules-based decision making and easier management of your recordings because they can be edited in real-time.

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What Types of Recordings Can You Make?

With the Automate Recorder, you can easily record different types of automation actions.


Desktop Interactions

Record step-by-step automations for a variety of tasks common to desktop interactions, including Microsoft automation for Excel, Share Point, and Active Directory. Query databases and write to a spreadsheet, or run/manage your existing macros.

Document process recordings for pulling and manipulating data from numerous sources, including Excel, Crystal Reports, SQL, or ERP systems. Then capture how you format data to build intelligent reports that can be distributed across your organization.

Web Browser Interactions

Record common browser-based actions, including website interactions with automated navigation, input, and extraction. Easily capture opening and closing browsers, logging into portals, navigating through pages, and extracting page data. Record input actions, including keystrokes, mouse movements, clicks, and copy or paste.

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