Automate Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Document Processing Software

Leverage intelligent processing automation to capture and extract complex document data

Supercharge Your Automation with Automate Intelligent Capture


Easily Capture Business Data

Convert unstructured document data into usable information with advanced data capture. Custom unassisted machine learning algorithms know what to capture without seeing documents previously, and get smarter and more accurate over time.


Take the Burden Off Employees

Virtually eliminate the need for human touchpoints and manual processing by capturing documents as they arrive in your business. Get up and running in just hours. Eliminate the redundancy of manual tasks and data entry between 60 to 90 percent.


Unleash the Power of RPA with Intelligent Automation

Extend the benefits of automation across your business using patented unassisted machine learning and artificial intelligence. Achieve 70 percent document processing out-of-the-box and 95 percent field level accuracy within just weeks.

What Is Automate Intelligent Capture?

Automate Intelligent Capture is an intelligent document processing solution that uses patented unassisted machine learning algorithms and AI to streamline document processing and eliminate costly steps like document classification, manual data entry and sorting, and document analysis. By automatically learning data fields on documents even without seeing them before, Automate Intelligent Capture enables you to reduce manual processing without endless hours of building templates, while improving the accuracy of your data.

Our advanced capture solution simplifies document processing without the need for a complicated or time-consuming setup. Eliminate gathering and sorting of documentation and tackle your biggest document processing challenges. Plus when combined with top-rated HelpSystems Automate RPA, you can achieve more speed and accuracy over critical information in your business. It’s all possible, but it just takes the right solution to get you there.

Key Features of Automate Intelligent Capture

Unassisted Machine Learning

Using patented unassisted machine learning algorithms, you can find common data elements in uncommon places without building any templates and easily extract that data without prior setup.

Robust Classification Engine 

Achieve rapid document processing with a robust, patented classification engine that leverages artificial intelligence to identify, classify, categorize, and separate different document types. 

Multiple Document Sources

Capture documents from wherever they enter your organization, including email, scanner, monitored folder, and other sources.

Localization Support 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support is offered in 27 different languages, and includes localization for currency, date, and address formats.

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What Makes Automate Intelligent Capture Different?

Easy to Use

With a foundation based on unassisted machine learning, Automate Intelligent Capture focuses on the end-user experience, offering a unique approach in the market. A robust patented classification and categorization engine, leveraging artificial intelligence and neural networks, eliminates the requirement for separator sheets in document preparation. 

Easy to Install

Automate Intelligent Capture is browser-based, so it is very easy to install. Your organization can be set up in hours, not days or weeks—and you can be processing documents or forms on the very first day. Simple setup and installation also makes it easy for companies of all sizes to invest in our solution. And for exclusively browser-based customers, Automate Intelligent Capture is the only solution available that offers multi-tenant SaaS.

No Template Building

Adding new fields or documents is easy. Our unassisted machine learning algorithms provide automatic self-learning for fast setup of previously unseen documents. The system also learns from user interactions with the documents themselves. Unlike legacy capture products, there is no need to start by building templates, expressions, or keys. Automate Intelligent Capture learns from the way a user interacts with the documents.

Easy to Maintain

Typical advanced capture solutions are based on rules, templates, or configurations, so they have high hidden costs for associated support. And as your documents change over time, this means someone must update each of these items or your capture rates decline. Because Automate Intelligent Capture is based on unassisted machine learning, your system is always up-to-date.

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