Our Leadership Team

We believe in recognizing success, pursuing quality, giving back, making employees happy, and serving customers exceptionally.

These core values apply to our executives as well. The HelpSystems leadership team goes above and beyond to cultivate a culture in which our values drive everything we do. The strategic direction and industry expertise they provide empowers us to grow, excel, and succeed every day. 

Learn about each member of our executive team below.  

Chris Heim, CEO of HelpSystems
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Jim Cassens, Executive Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at HelpSystems
Executive VP, Mergers & Acquisitions
Executive VP, Technical Services
VP, Marketing
VP of HR Joanna Leach: Contact for Careers
VP, Human Resources
Matt Bresnan, Vice President of Research and Development
VP, Research & Development
Jill Martin Vice President of Professional Services at HelpSystems
VP, Professional Services
VP, Global Support
VP, Customer Success
Howard Latham, General Manager of Business Intelligence and Document Management
GM, Business Intelligence & Document Management
Jeff Moline, General Manager of Systems Management and Security at HelpSystems
GM, Systems Management & Security
Kate Bolseth, General Manager of Cross Platform
GM, Cross Platform
Bob Luebbe, founder of Linoma Software
President and General Manager
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