Managed Security Services: AIX & Linux
Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Avoid security configuration errors. Partner with cybersecurity experts who can identify issues before threats materialize.

Your Solution to the Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Partner with the Pros


Misconfigured systems are common—and a common target of cyberattacks. But that’s only part of the problem. Many organizations know they need to dedicate more resources to cybersecurity—they just can’t find enough people with the right skills, knowledge, and experience.

This cybersecurity skills gap affects organizations around the world and shows no signs of shrinking. While many businesses struggle to recruit, train, and retain in-house cybersecurity staff, one option has emerged that provides a clear competitive advantage: Managed Security Services (MSS).

Partnering with the security professionals from HelpSystems means your security configuration gets the time and attention it needs. Our team of managed security service providers have the expertise to spot problems with your security configuration before damage occurs and prioritize issues based on severity of the risk.

When your in-house IT team doesn’t have the knowledge to stay on top of cybersecurity—or just doesn’t have the time—our security professionals are here to fill that gap.

Are you running IBM i?

We’ve tailored Managed Security Services to IBM i’s unique features.

Compare Your Security Posture to the Industry-Accepted CIS Benchmarks

Managed Security Services CIS benchmarks

The not-for-profit Center for Internet Security (CIS) developed cybersecurity benchmarks that are verified by objective security experts who are all volunteers. Each benchmark item is a recommendation designed to harden your system configuration.

CIS benchmarks are so well respected that some of today’s most common regulatory requirements and security standards—including Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, and NIST—recommend CIS as a source of industry-accepted cybersecurity standards.

These CIS benchmarks are the foundation of HelpSystems Managed Security Services on AIX and Linux. Our security professionals leverage best-in-class tools to audit your AIX and Linux systems, comparing your configuration to CIS recommendations on 25 benchmark items:


  • Password Policy
    • Minimum number of weeks before a password can be changed
    • Maximum number of weeks that a password is valid
    • Minimum length of a password
    • Number of non-alpha characters required in a password
    • Number of previous passwords that a user may not reuse
    • Type of password encryption algorithm in use
  • Permissions and Ownership
    • Permissions on sensitive security files
    • Permissions on sensitive audit files
    • Permissions on sensitive crontab files
    • Permissions on sensitive remote connection configuration files
    • Permissions on sensitive group configuration files
    • Permissions on sensitive user configuration files
    • World writeable user home directories
  • System Services Management
    • Is the Telnet service running for user connections?
    • Is the FTP service running for file transfers?
    • Is the TFTP service running for file transfers?
    • Is the POP3 remove mail access service running?
  • User Accounts
    • Can users log in remotely as root?
    • Is a password assigned to all unlocked server accounts?
    • Are all users’ UID numbers unique?
    • Are users other than root set to UID 0?
  • Login Policy
    • Number of login attempts allowed before account is disabled
    • Can the root user can login remotely?
    • Number of minutes before a locked TTY port is unlocked
    • Is access to root, via su, is restricted to a specific group?


Add Security Expertise with a Virtual CISO

Managed Security Services virtual CISO

Protecting your mission-critical systems requires a well-developed strategy. Many IT professionals don’t have the time or the knowledge to create that strategy, let alone execute on it consistently.

As a result, some organizations have turned to a new solution: a virtual CISO (chief information security officer). You get access to a security leader’s specialized knowledge and free up your IT team for other day-to-day responsibilities, without having to recruit an in-house security pro.

With HelpSystems Managed Security Services, the expertise of a virtual CISO is at your fingertips. Our team of security professionals apply their knowledge and experience to your unique environment. Your security configuration gets regular attention and your security policy is applied consistently. Managed Security Services helps you take control of your cybersecurity posture, while significantly reducing the risks to your systems.

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  Managed Security Services Managed Security Services Premium Managed Security Services
Platform AIX, Linux IBM i IBM i
Key Features
  • Leverage CIS benchmarks
  • All software tools required for monitoring activities
  • Monthly monitoring of 25 key security indicators
  • Annual Risk Assessment for each partition licensed
  • All software tools required for monitoring activities
  • Monthly monitoring of 10 key security indicators
  • Annual Risk Assessment for each partition licensed
  • All software tools required for monitoring activities
  • Monthly monitoring of 15 key security indicators
  • One hour of consulting per partition per month
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