Thousands of IT and cybersecurity professionals in dozens of industries around the world rely on GoAnywhere for its centralized interface, streamlined file transfers, encryption protocols, and ease of use.

What is GoAnywhere?

GoAnywhere offers organizations two cybersecurity solutions: GoAnywhere MFT, a secure managed file transfer software, and GoAnywhere Gateway, an enhanced reverse proxy and forward proxy. These solutions are supported on Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX, UNIX, and Mac OS systems, as well as on cloud computing platforms like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.

Automate and secure your file transfers with GoAnywhere, protecting them from unnecessary vulnerabilities and keeping sensitive data out of the DMZ. GoAnywhere solutions are easy to implement and learn.

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What can I do with GoAnywhere?

GoAnywhere MFT:

  • Simplify, secure, and audit ad-hoc and batch file transfers.
  • Maintain compliance with detailed audit logs and reports.
  • Encrypt files wherever they reside.
  • Manage your file transfers through a browser-based interface.
  • Create and run workflows that transfer, encrypt, and process files.
  • Translate data to and from other formats and databases.


GoAnywhere Gateway (used with GoAnywhere MFT):

  • Retain file sharing services in your private network.
  • Keep inbound ports closed for compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc.
  • Easily manage file transfers from your firewall.
  • Hide the identities and locations of your internal systems.
  • Distribute workloads across multiple systems.


Who uses GoAnywhere?

We support customers of all sizes and types, from small businesses to large organizations. No matter if you’re sending a dozen file transfers a week to thousands of file transfers a day, GoAnywhere can support your IT and cybersecurity teams in industries like these:

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