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The GoAnywhere Difference

With GoAnywhere, IT and cybersecurity professionals can rest easy knowing sensitive files are secure in transit and at rest. GoAnywhere automates and encrypts data between an organization and its trading partners, protecting it from unnecessary vulnerabilities while improving overall file transfer quality and reducing costs.

Controls over file transfer GoAnywhere MFT

Complete Control

Control when file transfers are sent and who can access critical information across your enterprise
securing partnerships with a handshake

Secure Partnerships

Connect securely with trading partners, clients, vendors, and other important business users
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Improved ROI

Streamline your file transfer processes, increase security, and reduce resources for a better ROI

What can you do with GoAnywhere?

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GoAnywhere MFT:

  • Simplify, secure, and audit ad-hoc and batch file transfers.

  • Maintain compliance with detailed audit logs and reports.

  • Manage your file transfers through a browser-based interface.

  • Create and run workflows that transfer, encrypt, and process files.


GoAnywhere Gateway:

  • Retain file sharing services in your private network.

  • Keep inbound ports closed for compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc.

  • Hide the identities and locations of your internal systems.

  • Distribute workloads across multiple systems.


GoAnywhere’s Licensed Features

Advanced Workflows

GoAnywhere MFT Advanced Workflow graphic

Advanced Workflows is our most popular GoAnywhere module. It allows you to define your file transfers and business processes. When using Advanced Workflows, you can:

  • Design new workflows via an intuitive interface

  • Add multiple tasks that execute when a workflow runs

  • Encrypt files in transit and at rest with OpenPGP

  • Use popular secure protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, AS2, and HTTPS

  • Schedule workflows using GoAnywhere’s built-in scheduler

Learn more about Advanced Workflows

Secure File Servers

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Our AS2, FTPS, and SFTP servers allow your clients, trading partners, and other users to securely connect to and exchange files with your organization. Granular security controls can be configured to limit who has access to your file servers.

Explore Secure File Servers


Secure Folders

GoAnywhere MFT secure folders

Secure Folders gives trading partners and customers quick access to authorized folders and files with GoAnywhere’s HTTPS web client. It can help your team collaborate with features like:

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface for file transfers

  • Full audit trails and user logs for all transfer activity

  • Granular permissions for users on server folders

More about Secure Folders

Advanced Reporting

GoAnywhere MFT Advanced Reporting graphic

Need to send data reports to auditors or maintain compliance with PCI DSS? This module can help streamline the process. Advanced Reporting generates 20 types of management reports into PDFs. These include: Admin User Activity Details Report, Completed Job Detail Report, File Transfer Summary Report, and Security Settings Audit Report (for PCI DSS compliance).

Explore Advanced Reporting

Secure Mail

GoAnywhere MFT sending encrypted mail and files graphic

Send encrypted messages and files with GoAnywhere Secure Mail. When an email is sent through GoAnywhere’s web client or Microsoft Outlook (using our Outlook plugin), recipients receive an email with a unique link. By clicking this link and entering an optional password, they’ll access the message and files over a secure HTTPS connection. There are no file size limitations when using Secure Mail.

Learn more about Secure Mail 

MFT Agents

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer Agents Graphic

Our remote MFT Agents are lightweight applications that are used to automate file transfers and workflows on remote systems and cloud environments. You can manage agents from a central deployment of GoAnywhere, allowing you to easily configure and schedule transfers across your enterprise.

Note: In order to create MFT Agents, you need to own our Advanced Workflows module.

More about MFT Agents

Secure Forms

GoAnywhere MFT Secure Forms graphic

Create custom forms, then send them to users via a public or private URL. Once users access the link, they can upload files and submit information that is then encrypted and delivered to GoAnywhere MFT for processing.

Note: Secure Forms works with Advanced Workflows to kick off projects that process submitted form values and files.

Discover Secure Forms

Cloud Connectors

GoAnywhere MFT Cloud Application Connector

Cloud Connectors give you out-of-the-box connectivity with popular cloud and web applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Google Drive. Built-in integrations allow you to easily share and retrieve files between these applications and GoAnywhere.

More about Cloud Connectors

Other License Considerations

Here are several other options to enhance how you use GoAnywhere MFT:

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Clustering two or more instances of GoAnywhere provides a distributed environment for handling file transfers, plus the benefits of high availability and load balancing.

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Reverse and Forward Proxy

Keep inbound ports closed with GoAnywhere Gateway as it routes requests to the file servers that reside inside your network.

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Free Modules

An FTP client, FTP server, 5 free Secure Mail users, and 5 free GoDrive users (GoDrive is our collaboration module) are available with every installation of GoAnywhere.

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Secure ICAP Gateway

GoAnywhere MFT seamlessly integrates with Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway to share critical and sensitive information with a layered, deep content inspection and encrypted approach to data security.

Secure Your File Movement with GoAnywhere

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