Discover the Full Picture with Intermapper

Your network goes beyond your network. There’s more to monitor and map. Intermapper monitors and maps everything with an IP address to give you a look at your entire environment.

Live Maps

Live Maps

See your entire environment, not just the IT network, in real-time. No refreshing required, Intermapper shows you what’s happening right now.

Easy, Easy, Easy

Intermapper is easy to install, easy to deploy, and easy to use. You can even use auto-discovery to map your environment faster.
Right Price

Right Price

Simple, predictable, device-based pricing allows your organization to grow with changing environments and still be able to monitor your entire network.

What is Intermapper?

Intermapper is network monitoring software with live network mapping for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Reliable and flexible, Intermapper gives network professionals visibility into what's happening on the network now—so you're always one step ahead of potential outages. The software is easy to install and quick to learn.

Find the right network monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure, organization size, and budget.

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Dashboard Views of Your Network


Dashboard Views of Your Network

Intermapper now leverages the power of HelpSystems Insite, our browser-based software management tool that lets you view your Intermapper server and device matrix from any mobile device.

Create and view personalized dashboards with helpful information about your Intermapper server, such as disk storage, memory usage, or server and device statistics. Insite for Intermapper gives a holistic view of your network from anywhere.


Get Started with Network Monitoring

Try Intermapper and see if it’s right for you. Our 30-day trial lets you map and monitor 500 devices for free.