Thousands of IT professionals around the world rely on Intermapper every day for its visual network maps, real-time alerts, and easy-to-use interface.

What is Intermapper? 

Intermapper is network mapping and monitoring software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Reliable and flexible, Intermapper gives network professionals visibility into what's happening on the network now—so you're always one step ahead of potential outages. The tool is easy to install and quick to learn. 

What can I do with Intermapper? 

  • Autodiscover your network and create live maps. Learn more >
  • Monitor anything with an IP address. Learn more >
  • Set alerts to notify you of outages or poor performance. Learn more >
  • Integrate with Automate for automatic network remediation. Learn more >
  • Monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time. Learn more >
  • Give users remote access to monitor the network from anywhere. Learn more >

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Who uses Intermapper?

Organizations with networks of all sizes—from 20 to 2,000—rely on Intermapper every day. IT professionals in a variety of industries love the visual maps and flexible monitoring Intermapper provides, including: 

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Intermapper Remote Access

Intermapper Remote Access

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Intermapper App for Splunk Enterprise