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The Right Price for Network Monitoring

monitor more with Intermapper's device-based licensing

Our licensing model for Intermapper is simple: Intermapper is priced for everyday network monitoring. Simple, predictable pricing allows organizations to grow with their changing environments.

You pay for the number of devices you monitor. Want to monitor 30 machines? You'll need 30 licenses, no matter how many components you want to monitor of those 30 machines. Device-based licensing makes it easy to predict and scale licenses as your organization grows.

Many of our competitors make you purchase a license for every element you plan to monitor. That licensing model causes costs to skyrocket quickly. It also becomes hard to compare the value you're getting from one network monitoring software vendor to another. 

Intermapper Pricing Plans

Free Version
100% Free!

Perfect for a small IT infrastructure. Download and install Intermapper once, then use it forever.

You get:

  •  Flexible network monitoring for up to 10 devices
  •  Pooled RemoteAccess license for access anywhere
  •  Perpetual license
  •  Easy upgrade to enterprise version as your business needs grow
Subscription License

Only pay for what you want to monitor, and easily add more licenses as needed. Annual subscription access to Intermapper gives you faster time-to-value.

You get:

  •  Flexible network monitoring for the number of devices you choose
  •  Phone, email, and online support
  •  New product upgrades
  •  Access for one year
  •  RemoteAccess and Bandwidth monitoring options
Device-Based License

Only pay for what you want to monitor, and easily add more licenses as needed. This plan gives you permanent access to Intermapper, including one year of support.

You get:

  •  Flexible network monitoring for the number of devices you choose
  •  Phone, email, and online support
  •  New product upgrades
  •  Perpetual license
  •  RemoteAccess and Bandwidth monitoring options
Unlimited License

This plan is great for large, growing enterprises. Monitor everything in your network today, tomorrow, and in the future, and get the exceptional support you need.

You get:

  •  Flexible network monitoring for unlimited devices
  •  Phone, email, and online support
  •  New product upgrades
  •  Perpetual license
  •  RemoteAccess and Bandwidth monitoring options

With Every Intermapper Pricing Plan You Get:

Automatic Layer 2/3 mapping

Flexible monitoring

Real-time alerting

Endless map configuration options

Windows, Linux, and Mac compatibility

Free monitoring probes

Start a Live Chat

Start a Live Chat

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Add-On Products

Intermapper Remote Access

Manage your network from anywhere. Intermapper Remote Access can handle multiple copies of Intermapper at the same time. It is an ideal choice for organizations with remote teams or multiple locations, consultants who monitor client sites, and managed service providers.

Your Intermapper Remote Access price will depend on the number of users who want authorization. Contact us for a quote. 

Intermapper Flows

As an add-on to Intermapper's core features, Intermapper Flows offers a real-time look into your network's traffic, bandwidth usages, and capacity. For a price quote, contact us.

Automate for Intermapper

Intermapper seamlessly interfaces with Automate, business process automation software from HelpSystems, to help you save time by automating manual activities. When an Intermapper alert goes off, Automate can run a command to remediate the issue.

With Automate for Intermapper, you can automatically restart failed devices or services, manage log file creation, perform safer backups, send business reports, and more. Contact us for a quote. 

What Kind of ROI Will I Get from Intermapper?

No one wants to pay the high price of downtime. Investing in network mapping and monitoring software will pay for itself through the time and manual effort it saves you. Understand more about the ROI of nework monitoring, hear success stories from real Intermapper customers and download our free slide deck to help convince or your boss that Intermapper is a smart choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I just requested a quote. What happens next?

One of our sales representatives will be in touch to discuss your requirements. After they learn what you're looking for, you'll receive an email with a link allowing you to purchase Intermapper online at the quote price. 

What is a maintenance plan? 

A maintenance plan is a software support package. We offer two types of maintenance plans: Standard and Plus. The Standard Plan comes with phone, email, and online support, as well as access to new product releases. Our Maintenance Plus plan includes upgrades like unlimited telephone support and new version training that make your expereince with Intermapper as supportive as possible. Learn more >

Is a maintenance plan required?

A standard maintenance plan providing support and access to new product releases is required for your first year of using Intermapper, and optional after that. 

What pricing plans include maintenance?

Our subscription, device-based, and unlimited plans include maintenance. The free version does not include maintenance. 

Can you explain the difference between different types of licensing models?

Sure. Intermapper licenses by device, but some products license by interface or sensor. This article should help clear up any confusion.

How do device and sensor-based licensing compare?

In a nutshell, the cost of sensor-based licensing escalates very quickly. For the full story, check out our comparison of device vs. sensor-based licensing

Do you offer any discounts?

We are proud to offer discounted pricing programs to: 

  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions*

Please contact us for a discount program quote. 

*Accredited, degree-granting colleges or universities; K-12 schools primarily dedicated to educating children up to the age of 18, and public libraries are eligible for our educational discount. Commercial entities, non-profits, government institutions, and research laboratories are not eligible for these discounts. 

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