Sequel delivers affordable IBM i business intelligence to IT, business users, and executives alike. Today, thousands of customers worldwide count on Sequel for access to the data they need, when they need it.

Sequel delivers business intelligence solutions for Power Systems™ running on IBM i. With powerful query and reporting capabilities, Sequel makes it easy to access, analyze, and distribute data exactly how you want it.

In today’s business world, data drives decisions. While IT departments have historically been responsible for maintaining the “single version of truth,” business users and executives are clamoring for faster data access.

Sequel makes it all possible. IT users can get the software up and running quickly, easily integrate existing queries from Query/400, and deliver data to users at lightning speed. Plus, with Sequel’s intuitive interfaces (green screen, graphical user interface, and browser), IT can turn data access over to business users and executives—and free up their time to respond to more critical requests efficiently.

Sequel Web Interface (SWI) and Sequel Web Server (SWS) help Sequel users access their data wherever they are, without needing to install additional PC software. Businesses with large, complex data environments can use Sequel Data Warehouse to easily deploy and manage a data warehouse environment. Use Esend to distribute reports through email, FTP, or the web. Speed up your IBM i development processes with Abstract. Or run IBM i jobs and programs for any date past, present, or future with Anydate.

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Sequel Products

Sequel Data Access

Enterprise Data Access Software for IBM i

Sequel Web Interface

Mobile Data Access Software for IBM i

Sequel Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing Software for IBM i


Developer Productivity Tool for IBM i


Date Simulator Software for IBM i


Data Access Delivery Software for IBM i