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Partner with cybersecurity experts to solve your most challenging data protection problems at any stage of the security management lifecycle.

Team Up with Experts to Secure Corporate Data

Today’s evolving threats have made cybersecurity a business concern as well as an IT issue on IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i). At the same time, prioritizing risks and correcting the system configuration problems require greater security acumen than ever before. Partnering with cybersecurity experts can be the fastest way to achieve your data protection goals, while freeing your IT staff to return to other mission-critical projects.

Consulting with an experienced security professional provides unparalleled peace of mind. Vulnerabilities can be identified and risks appropriately prioritized. Your security stance can be greatly improved. Your team can even be taught how to maintain your improved security configuration going forward.

“I was very comfortable with the HelpSystems security consultants from the beginning. They walked me through the processes involved in assessing the current system and identifying the problem, and provided a roadmap. It was easy to work with them and they made the changes solid and painless.”

Chief Financial Officer
Waste Management Company

Cybersecurity Customized to Achieve Your Goals

Whether your organization has a solid security foundation or is in the early stages of mitigating security risks IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i), your security concerns are unique. Our expert security consultants will work with you to evaluate your data protection and compliance issues, prioritize corrective measures, and help you understand your full range of options.

Meet Your Security Experts

The HelpSystems team is led by noted security expert Carol Woodbury, who spent more than 10 years as the AS/400 Security Architect and Chief Engineering Manager of Security Technology for IBM’s Enterprise Server Group. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, she provided security architecture and design consultations for IBM business partners and literally wrote the book on IBM i security and compliance.

Whether you’re just getting started with IBM i security or you already have some software solutions in place, Carol and the rest of our team can provide the attention and security expertise your system needs so you don’t have to.

Review Security Consultation Solutions

  Risk Assessment Penetration Testing Security Architecture Security Remediation
Key Features
  • Evaluate your system’s security vulnerabilities
  • Detailed report includes expert findings and recommendations
  • Independent, third-party evaluation helps meet many compliance requirements
  • Ethical hacking
  • Validate vulnerabilities by attempting to exploit them
  • Meet new PCI DSS requirement
  • Security plan created by experts
  • Detailed action plan for implementing and maintaining re-architected application security scheme
  • Educate your team on key security concepts
  • Implement a security action plan
  • Test new security architecture on a test system
  • Set up regular monitoring and reporting
  • Educate your team on maintaining new security scheme
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