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Robot Schedule
Event-driven job scheduling software for IBM i 
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Robot Monitor
Comprehensive performance monitoring software for IBM i, VIOS, AIX, Linux on Power
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Robot Space
Disk space analysis software for IBM i
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Performance Navigator
Capacity planning and performance analysis software for IBM i, AIX, Linux
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Robot Console
Message queue monitoring software for IBM i
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Robot HA
Data replication software for IBM i
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Robot Save
Backup management software for IBM i
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Robot Network
Robot software management solution
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About Robot


Robot provides exceptional automation solutions for every IBM i environment.

The Robot product line is designed and developed with operators in mind. Our modern interfaces and enterprise-class functionality make it possible for even novice IBM i teams to manage the system by exception, freeing up time to focus on IT initiatives that add value and impact the bottom line.

Robot offers native IBM i solutions in all critical areas of systems management, including:

Robot tools are the building blocks that IBM i teams need to meet service-level agreements, support the organization as it grows, and make month-end just another day.

The Robot Difference

Robot’s roots run deep. We’ve been part of the IBM i community for 35+ years. We know the platform inside and out. More importantly, we understand the people who manage it and the organizations who run on it. When you need a partner on IBM i—not just a vendor—you need Robot.

Leading Software
Valued Expertise
Invested Development


Understanding the IFS
Gain basic knowledge of the integrated file system (IFS), its capabilities, and its limitations.
Backup and Recovery
Learn how and why you should back up IBM i data and develop a recovery plan.
IBM i Operations 101
Get a basic understanding of the IBM i operating system in this 5-part course.


Capacity Planning
Get expert recommendations based on your historical performance data.
Disaster Recovery as a Service
Take advantage of managed high availability hosting and monitoring plus HA software and cloud backup services.
Managed Disk Space Services
Let our experts assess your disk space and track growth trends.

“I love HelpSystems because they’ve partnered with my company to make any automation project seamless. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that my Robot products are on duty.”

Greg Wyatt, Mgr. I.S. Computer Services, Southern States Cooperative


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Change is the only constant for IT pros. We know your initiatives are always changing. Some are done in days, others may take months or even years before you can cross them off your to-do list.

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  • After introductions, you can tell us what’s on your roadmap.
  • We’ll share our insights and update you on recent enhancements.
  • Before we end, we’ll discuss next steps based on your priorities.

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