Managing a data center is never easy—there are staffing, technology, and regulatory issues to consider. With Robot automation software for IBM i, you can position your existing IT resources for growth and keep your hardware and software running consistently and error-free.

Robot provides comprehensive, integrated, and scalable IT operations management software that helps keep your systems running smoothly.

At Robot, we understand that automation doesn’t happen all at once; it starts with small steps. Our rule-based automation software is designed and developed with operators in mind. We give IT teams the building blocks they need to meet service-level agreements, both real and implied, by facilitating a more evenly distributed workload, automatic recovery, and immediate notification when things go wrong.

Modern, highly configurable interfaces and industrial-strength functionality empower users to manage their systems by exception and focus their time and energy on delivering quality IT service they can be proud of while implementing initiatives that add value and impact the bottom line.

Robot’s roots run deep. We have over 30 years of experience and are an IBM Partner and an active member of the ISV Advisory Council. We have continuously delivered reliable IT operations management software, even as the System/38 platform evolved into IBM i over the years, and today make automation available across platforms to accommodate the needs of increasingly complex data centers. One thing remains constant: With Robot automation software, month-end is just another day.

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Whether you need help with IT operations management or infrastructure monitoring, Robot has your solution. Discover all that Robot has to offer.