Robot HA

High Availability Software for IBM i

Simple, scalable business continuity at an affordable price


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

Top 3 Benefits

Ensure business continuity with Robot HA

Maintain Business Continuity

When an emergency or disaster strikes, role swap to your hot backup server so your business can continue within minutes.

Maximize Uptime

Use your secondary system to perform nightly backups, queries, and planned maintenance activities without impacting your production system.

Refine Data Replication

Replicate all of production or only select libraries and programs. Your data is available on your target server instantly.

"What we like most about HelpSystems products is the complete trust we have in their accuracy and performance. The reliability is second to none."

Jim McDaniels
Assistant Vice President and Computer Operations Manager
Bank of Stockton

Key Features

Protect data with instant replication

Data replication with Robot HA

Using remote journaling and a high-speed apply routine, Robot HA can replicate 188 million journal transactions per hour across any distance and apply the data the moment it is received, which means that your hot backup is always a real-time copy of production.

Simplify role swaps

Simplify role swaps with Robot HA

Robot HA makes it easy for you to test five different role swap scenarios to verify that replication is done correctly. Even test while users are still using production to minimize business disruption. The process of switching to your hot backup system is automated, so you can achieve your mandated recovery time objective (RTO) when disaster strikes.

Monitor your high availability environment

Robot HA is self-monitoring IBM i high availability software

Robot HA automatically monitors all aspects of replication—including replication tasks in error, excessive transport or apply lags, user-defined conditions, and more—and sends notification for any issues that need attention, so you can quickly confirm that your hot backup system is ready for a role swap.

Automatically resync production and backup data

Robot HA is self-healing high availability software

Robot HA is self-healing. It continuously audits and repairs objects and integrated file system (IFS) directories to ensure they match production. This synchronization process ensures that your data is up to date on the hot backup system and frees up your operators to focus on more important tasks.

Implement with ease

Robot HA is easy to install and establish IBM i high availability

Robot HA is quick to install and easy to use. The appropriate journals, subsystems, and transport layer are created automatically, minimizing the manual efforts involved in implementation. Additionally, this IBM i high availability solution can be adjusted from the default settings, allowing you to refine the way it runs in your environment.

Fast-track your ROI with Getting Started services

Fast-track your ROI with professional services for Robot HA

Start off on the right foot with your new software. Take advantage of our Getting Started services package, which includes eight hours of pre-installation planning, product installation, initial implementation, and basic training services. Learn more >

Data Replication Done Your Way

IBM i high availability doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Whether it’s all your user data and applications or just a few libraries, with Robot HA you decide what to replicate. Go granular or get it all, either way you are maximizing production uptime by replicating your irreplaceble business data to your hot backup site.

Library data

Program objects

IFS directories

User profiles

Authorization lists

Object authorities

System values

Spooled files and message queues

Proven Business Continuity

Robot HA is a proven business continuity and high availability solution

Hundreds of organizations rely on this technology for business continuity on IBM i. Robot HA delivers the ease-of-use you need to establish high availability at your organization plus advanced features—including trigger programs, physical file constraints, library rename capabilities, and bi-directional synchronization—to accommodate even the most complex environments.

Looking to the future, HelpSystems is committed to infusing Robot HA with mobile-friendly dashboards, helpful product integrations, and additional functionality that meet our quality standard on the IBM i platform, which is nothing short of exceptional.

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24/7 business demands 24/7 system and application availability. When you’re ready to avoid downtime—be it planned or unplanned—Robot HA is the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to establish high availability at your organization.