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Posted on March 14, 2019

The better question is, what can't you monitor on campus? Intermapper provides network monitoring for anything with an IP address at your school. Check out the infographic to see examples of the possibilities.


Truth about Ransomware
By Bob Erdman on March 13, 2019

Learn about the long arms of ransomware, and how to protect your organization from its grasp.

AIX community survey cybersecurity
By Bob Erdman on March 8, 2019

Find out about cybersecurity challenges the AIX community is facing, and how they are looking to resolve them.

By Robin Tatam on March 5, 2019

Keep reading as we investigate five common IBM i encryption myths and separate reality from fantasy.

By Robin Tatam, Sandi Moore on February 28, 2019

Here’s a rundown of commonly overlooked IBM i cybersecurity risks and how to make sure they don’t open your business up to a disastrous situation.

RPA in Healthcare
Posted on February 22, 2019

Learn how using RPA in healthcare organizations can help streamline the most common repetitive tasks so you can maintain HIPAA compliance and automate processes to get more time for patient care.

15 Examples of BPA
Posted on February 21, 2019

Read these 15 top business process automation (BPA) examples and see how your organization can streamline mission-critical processes.

By David Dingwall on February 18, 2019

Check out our latest vlog to find out how public cloud growth will impact your organization.

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