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Placing the final piece to the puzzle
By Tom Huntington on February 17, 2020

There are a lot of options out there for IBM i data replication. We’ll help you weigh the options as your put together the pieces of your high availability plan.

RPA in banking use cases
Posted on February 17, 2020
students using technology that need network monitoring
By Kevin Jackson on February 14, 2020

With many forms of technology available in the classroom, what does this mean for the IT teams maintaining the network’s infrastructure?

By Kevin Jackson on February 11, 2020

Can a rural school district provide students with the same modern technology as larger districts? Lisa Nelson of Douglass ISD in Texas made it her mission to do so, and she succeeded.

Vityl Capacity Management screenshot
Automated Data Scraping Example
Posted on January 20, 2020

Watch this example of automated data scraping through robotic process automation to see how you can use RPA to streamline your data entry processes.

RPA bot security
IBM i AS/400 software, is it dead?
By Tom Huntington on January 16, 2020

Many IT professionals still use the term AS/400. But can a platform that was introduced in 1988 still be relevant today? The answers typically surprise people.

RPA trends
By Paul Necklen on December 20, 2019
best of siem
By Bob Erdman on December 18, 2019

SIEM use remained a popular security tool in 2019. See why a SIEM could enhance your security posture in 2020 and beyond.

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