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By Tom Huntington on July 19, 2019

To help you stay connected to the thriving IBM i community, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of IBM i user groups around the world. Read on!

Ask an Engineer - What is Power HA
By Brian Nordland on July 15, 2019

Brian Nordland, principal software engineer for PowerHA at HelpSystems, takes a break from coding to answer some important questions about PowerHA.

By Tom Huntington on July 10, 2019

Take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of IBM’s Db2 Mirror for i and determine how HelpSystems solutions complement this tool and can further enhance your experience.

IBM i 7.4 Update
By Tom Huntington on July 5, 2019

Let’s face it—upgrading your operating system is a big project. But believe it or not, the whole process boils down to just two steps: planning and backing up!

By Tom Huntington on July 5, 2019

The IBM i operating system is proven technology that has stood the test of time since the early days of the System/38 and AS/400 and on through to POWER9. Know the business benefits.

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By John Grancarich on June 25, 2019

RPA is one of the fastest growing segments in the enterprise software space, and I want to tell you just a little bit about it. So, what is RPA? Well, at its simplest, RPA is software that automates human tasks.

Four characteristics for...

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Posted on June 21, 2019

Anyone who works for a large organization knows that July isn’t just a time for fireworks and BBQs. It’s also when you plan your budget for the next fiscal year.

If you work in IT, you know you’re always expected to have an answer for...

Placing the final piece to the puzzle
By Tom Huntington on June 18, 2019

There are a lot of options out there for IBM i data replication. We’ll help you weigh the options as your put together the pieces of your high availability plan.

RPA Survey
Posted on June 13, 2019

Find out how robotic process automation (RPA) is being put to work in organizations from financial services to healthcare in our 2019 RPA Survey.

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