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Posted on 11/20/17

The Robotic Process Automation Toolkit is designed to help you craft an automation strategy and build your automation center of excellence. Use these tools and resources to calculate ROI, optimize automated workflows, and more.

Posted on 11/13/17

We've just released a new guide with everything you need to know to create your automation center of excellence.

Posted on 11/8/17 by Robin Tatam

Security expert Robin Tatam explains an easy way to spend less time and resources on resetting IBM i passwords.

Posted on 11/7/17 by Richard Schoen

Document management is the process of capturing, managing, and distributing electronic documents. But there’s more to it than that…

Posted on 10/31/17 by Debbie Saugen

If you have no disaster recovery plan, have never tested a recovery, or are thinking it could never happen to your organization, you could be in for some scary consequences.

Posted on 10/23/17 by Kevin Jackson

Flows data tells you a lot about your network activity and who’s hogging all your bandwidth. Here’s a quick overview of bandwidth monitoring, its benefits for busy IT teams, and what to look for in a tool.

Posted on 10/23/17 by Richard Schoen, Greg J. Schmidt

Are you looking to improve your key document processes? Start here to learn which questions you should be asking along the way.

Posted on 10/20/17

Watch the webinar or read the blog to learn about the people and processes you need to build your automation center of excellence.

Posted on 10/18/17 by Robin Tatam

In this quick video, security expert Robin Tatam explains how automating your security policy management is an easy way to keep tabs on your security configuration.

Posted on 10/16/17 by Kevin Jackson

Faced with sudden equipment failures, Peoples Telephone Cooperative needed a better way to keep internet services up and running. They found it with Automate for Intermapper.

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