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Posted on 5/26/17

Watch this webinar and read the blog post to find out if you need to upgrade from the CCMS scheduler. Our experts demonstrate Automate Schedule and its SAP interface.

Posted on 5/24/17

Learn about the features of the Automate Enterprise Enhanced Security and Audit Platform, including Active Directory integration, custom logging.

Posted on 5/23/17 by Richard Schoen

Find out if it’s time to automate HR processes at your organization.

Posted on 5/19/17

Informatica World 2017 was a great event with a focus on the digital transformation being driven by data. Find out how Automate can help you streamline data management and movement.

Posted on 5/18/17 by Chuck Losinski

Lamps Plus cut 20 hours of overtime out of each week using modern process automation tools to streamline point of sale transactions. Listen to the audio Q&A!

Posted on 5/17/17 by Robin Tatam

Security expert Robin Tatam explains how WannaCry and similar ransomware can affect the unique IBM i operating system.

Can One Network Monitoring Tool Really Meet All Your Needs? Article
Posted on 5/16/17 by Kevin Jackson

Are you planning your IPv6 transition? If you’re just getting started, this blog post covers IPv6 basics you need to know in 2017, from what it is to why you need to migrate.

Posted on 5/16/17

Automate Enterprise offers the Automate Enterprise Ops Console, a web-based interface that gives you the ability to monitor and manage your automation from any device. Watch the video demonstration.

Posted on 5/12/17 by Robin Tatam

IPS/IDS are common cybersecurity terms, but how does that pertain to the IBM i environment?

software robot
Posted on 5/10/17

Watch the webinar or read the recap to learn how building a virtual workforce with robotic process automation makes your business more efficient.

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