Powertech is your security expert in managing evolving compliance and data privacy threats with automated security solutions for IBM i. Businesses around the world depend on Powertech for ongoing protection and peace of mind.

Powertech is the leading source of automated security and compliance solutions for IBM i. With Powertech, you can manage evolving data privacy threats while saving your valuable IT resources.

Compliance requirements for government regulations and industry standards grow more complicated every year, and sometimes the biggest challenge is proving you’re compliant. But meeting SOX or PCI requirements is no guarantee your system is secure. Because threats to your data evolve faster than any security standard, compliance is only the beginning.

Our solutions are designed to help you simplify IBM i security, so you can easily meet auditor demands and harden your system to protect your organization’s most valuable asset: your business-critical data.

Powertech combines world-class software and outstanding customer support with IBM i security expertise that’s second to none. Whether your IT staff consists of IBM i security novices or seasoned professionals, we have the experience and resources to help you implement a security policy that controls network access, enhances visibility to unauthorized activities, and manages your powerful users without disrupting business activity.

No matter what your current state of IBM i security is, we can help you leverage the powerful capabilities built into the IBM i platform, so you spend less time on manual security tasks. 

Powertech Products

Network Security

Intrusion Prevention and Detection Software for IBM i

Compliance Monitor

Compliance Reporting Software for IBM i

Authority Broker

Identification and Access Management Software for IBM i

Stand Guard Anti-Virus

Virus Protection Software for Linux, AIX, and IBM i

Power Admin

User Profile Management Software for IBM i

Policy Minder

Security Policy Management Software for IBM i, UNIX, Linux, AIX, and Windows