Intermapper Flows

Intermapper Flows

Comprehensive network traffic monitoring software for answers about bandwidth usage


Windows, Linux, Apple (Mac OSX)



Who's hogging all the bandwidth? Network professionals want to know which machine, application, or user is causing traffic spikes or dips. Visibility into NetFlow traffic, including top talkers, traffic statistics, application types, and more, is the means by which you can resolve network incidents faster.

Intermapper Flows allows network teams to collect and analyze NetFlow, Jflow, and sFlow data. Used alongside Intermapper, it collects and graphs real-time traffic data, making it easy to analyze how traffic is flowing through and across your network. A network traffic monitoring tool makes it easy to drill down into granular data—so you'll never be baffled by network issues again.

What can I do with a NetFlow collector?

Get the Full Picture

Capture all the information you need about the traffic occurring right now on your network and analyze it for a complete picture of network usage. With the ability to look at all past and present traffic levels, you can make better data-driven decisions as you monitor and manage your network.

Solve Network Issues Faster

Find out who and what is causing network slowdowns. With network traffic monitoring software, you can locate problematic devices and bandwidth hogs in less time.

Access Flow Data Easily

Because traffic flow analysis is built directly into the Intermapper interface, it’s easy to get the information you need. Right-click to access traffic summaries directly on your map and dig deeper into the origin of network traffic.

“Flows is a very cool feature. I am able to look at my routers and see network traffic in real time. It’s a beautiful application that lets me see exactly what is going on.”

Vince Hurst
Communications Technician
Sonoma County Sheriff Department's TCOMM Bureau

Historic Flow Data Analysis

Intermapper Flows software interface showing network traffic monitoring statistics like top hosts and talkers

Historic Flow Data Analysis

Knowing what traffic is flowing across and through your network isn’t just important at the moment of inquiry—it’s also critical for future data analysis. With a historic record of network traffic levels, you can more effectively plan for future infrastructure needs, review trends, and demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Intermapper Flows collects NetFlow data and stores it over time, making it easy for you to conduct detailed flow analysis and identify trends. All conversations passing through your network are recorded and saved for future reference so you always have all your data at your fingertips.

Integrated NetFlow Analysis

NetFlow analyzer displaying data over a specified period within Intermapper Flows

Integrated NetFlow Analysis

View detailed traffic information in seconds with integrated NetFlow analysis. Intermapper Flows gives you the ability to monitor NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, and cFlow right from the Intermapper interface.

With a network traffic monitoring tool like Intermapper Flows, you can instantly identify:

 Top Talkers, Hosts, and Listeners
 Most frequently visited websites
 Download data
 Which IP addresses are connected to a large number of hosts

Real-time Flow Monitoring

Network traffic monitor showing top VLANs within Intermapper

Real-Time Flow Monitoring

Intermapper already monitors your network to provide real-time data on its status. With Intermapper Flows, those live metrics are retained with sub-millisecond accuracy to create a complete picture of network traffic for future analysis.

In real time, it’s easy to click into your network map and find traffic data such as Whois information availability, traffic origins, and high-level summaries of key metrics. Later on, break out collected data for thorough analysis by application, conversation, domain, endpoint, protocol, and more.

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Start a Live Chat

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How Can Intermapper Flows Help Me?

Identify frequently-visited websites, downloads, or talkers

Spot unusual traffic spikes

Characterize new or increased bandwidth use

Display information about DDoS attacks for a faster response

Show which IPs are connecting to the highest number of hosts

Provide forensic information for compliance and security purposes

Get Started

As an in-depth network traffic monitoring solution, Intermapper Flows gives you a complete picture of network activity. Try it free for 30 days when you download Intermapper. 

If you already have Intermapper or want to add network traffic monitoring capabilities as part of your new Intermapper installation, we can tell you exactly how many exporters you’ll need based on your current network configuration.