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GoAnywhere MFT

Secure Managed File Transfer Software

Centralize and encrypt your file transfers with secure MFT software.


  • Windows
  • VMware
  • Linux
  • Amazon EC2
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM i (iSeries)
  • AIX and UNIX
  • Mac OS

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure file transfer solution that organizations use to exchange their data safely. The solution s helps organizations automate their data transfers, centralize file transfer activity, and monitor file transfers and user access.

Key GoAnywhere Features

Streamline your file transfer processes with ease

Manage file transfers

Determine when your transfers should run and how they should perform on systems throughout your organization, including ones in remote locations. You can manage the details from a central GoAnywhere deployment.

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Configure your transfers from anywhere

GoAnywhere’s browser-based web client allows administrators to configure and monitor file transfers from anywhere, giving them the flexibility they need to work responsively—no matter if it’s from home, a remote office, or even on the road. 

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Meet stringent policies and compliance requirements

Detailed security controls, like password policies and folder-level permissions, give you the power to safeguard your data and restrict users to only the areas of the product they need. 

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Integrate with favored web and cloud applications

Secure and automate your file transfers between popular applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, Box, and Google Drive with Cloud Connectors. These out-of-the-box integrations are easy to find and install via an online marketplace, letting you quickly connect to the tools you use every day. 

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Translate files to and from various formats

Easily translate data to and from popular file formats, including EDI X12, Excel, Delimited Text, XML, and JSON. GoAnywhere's translation features will map, format, and modify data values between source and target files without requiring scripts or homegrown programs. 

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Work Seamlessly with Stakeholders

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Establish Secure Server Connections

Six file servers (AS2, FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SFTP, and GoFast) are available in GoAnywhere. These servers allow your customers, employees, and trading partners to connect to your systems and exchange files with you in a controlled environment. Each file server integrates with GoAnywhere’s extensive management controls and audit log reporting. 
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Satisfy Your Collaboration Needs

Sharing files with coworkers, employees, customers, and trading partners is easy with these GoAnywhere modules. Use Secure Folders for HTTPS access to files and folders, Secure Mail to send messages as encrypted packages, Secure Forms to gather sensitive information via custom forms, GoDrive for sharing, tracking, and synchronizing files across devices, and the GoAnywhere mobile app to send ad-hoc file transfers from anywhere. Plus, you get five free Secure Mail and GoDrive users with any GoAnywhere installation.
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Translate Your Data Easily

Achieve EDI X12 and EDIFACT document exchanges and translations with GoAnywhere. Simplify your file transfers to vendors, trading partners, and clients who use file formats different than your own with GoAnywhere’s several thousand EDIFACT and EDI X12 document types that span educational records, invoices, healthcare documents, and more.
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gold metal mft software

MFT Software Gold Medalist

Out of 40+ vendors in the managed file transfer marketplace, GoAnywhere received the highest score for product satisfaction, features, and vendor capabilities in a 2021 report from Info-Tech Research Group. Read Report »

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“I'm a Senior Network Engineer and work on GoAnywhere on a daily basis. I'm responsible for keeping it updated, writing and maintaining scripts, troubleshooting transfer issues and I absolutely love this product.”

Tim Emmell, NTCA
The Rural Broadband Association

“GoAnywhere MFT has been a perfect fit for our systems because of its ease of use, security features, audits and reliability. The [addition] of functions and features gives us more opportunities to find solutions to file transfer problems.”

Don Keating
Medical Device Company

“GoAnywhere MFT is the most remarkable product I have ever used. Since the purchase..., the amount of code I have had to write in the past has dramatically dropped but the efficiency of getting the proper data has been nothing less than unbelievable.”

Raymond Murray
Schumann Printers, Inc.

The GoAnywhere Book of Secure File Transfer Project Examples

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Secure File Transfer Software

The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Secure File Transfer Software

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In this ultimate buyer’s guide, you’ll find the information you need to successfully search for and evaluate different managed file transfer solutions, so you can use the solution that fits your organization's needs best.

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