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Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Healthcare

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and security with a 24/7 RPA workforce

What is RPA in Healthcare?


Robotic process automation (RPA) software provides a way to interact with your disparate systems and applications to manage high-volume processes without burdening your busy workforce. RPA software bots work 24/7, don’t need time off and don’t make mistakes. And in the healthcare industry, that's a lifesaver.

Healthcare facilities require reliable transmission of sensitive data throughout a wide network of departments and partners. Records have to stay up-to-date and synced between providers, labs, pharmacies, and more—and when lives are on the line, there’s no room for error. Complicating matters is that IT environments in healthcare are complex with a multitude of disparate applications, file formats, and systems. RPA in healthcare transforms these processes to keep the focus on providing excellent patient care.

Benefits of RPA in Healthcare

Better Manage Medical Records

Whether you're needing to electronically convert medical records or keep existing ones up-to-date, RPA can help extract, move, and sync medical data for more accuracy between providers, labs, pharamacies, and more.

Achieve Optimal Staffing Levels

Integrate and centralize applications like PeopleSoft in HR, time and attendance like Kronos, and staffing systems like ANSOS One-Staff, and more, to automatically manage staffing levels.

Easily Stay HIPAA-Compliant

With role-based access, RPA software ensures only the correct people access private information and keeps a detailed audit history.

Why Automate for Healthcare Organizations

With Automate, bring your healthcare facility automation that solves real problems, delivers big value, and helps you achieve ROI fast.

Scalable automation tool

Easy to Use

Get up and running faster with no-code automation that lets you quickly build bots with form-based development and 600+ pre-built actions.
Automate value

Scale with Your Business

As your business grows, so does Automate, giving you superior scalability that goes from basic automated tasks to full enterprise-level deployment.
Automate desktop requires no coding

Unrestricted Bots

Automate bots can be built and deployed as attended or unattended with concurrent execution of tasks—no restrictions.

Build Automation Faster with Automate Bots

We're constantly creating new, easy-to-install bots to help you tackle more RPA projects and increase your ROI. Explore the Automate Bot Store and browse 150+ pre-built bots available for free download.

See Robotic Process Automation in Action

Watch a quick demonstration of Automate RPA, on demand.