Report Generation and Distribution

Gain flexibility in your reporting processes with report automation



The use of spreadsheets and generating reports are cornerstones of your daily operations and integral activities to making strategic decisions—but generating effective reports can be a painful process for your team. Many core applications, like ERP Systems, General Ledgers, and EMR systems require manual intervention to compile reports.

Automate's report automation feature eliminates the need for manually generating reports, reducing the possibility of errors and freeing up your analysts to do what they do best: analyze the data.

How Can Automate Help with Report Generation and Distribution?

KPI Dashboards

Access to business data is critical to making informed decisions. It's best if this information is readily accessible and easy to distribute. Automate can help you create self-refreshing KPI dashboards that pull together data from disparate sources and doesn't require you to use a developer.

CRM Reports

In order to know how many hours were left on a project, a team of project managers had to pull a time-consuming report manually. Now, Automate send a weekly CRM report with all the relevant information.

End-of-Month Reporting

Instead of employees spending days pulling end of month reports, an insurance company has Automate close out underwritten insurance claims for the month and write historical entries in the corporate data warehouse, all in an overnight unattended process.

Crystal Reports

Automate started running weekly and monthly reports after hours for a manufacturer, pulling the data from Crystal Reports into Excel and sending to designated recipients. 

Sales Reports

An IT department replaced Windows Task Scheduler with Automate to run sales reports, eliminating errors in the process.

Flexible Formats and Streamlined Processes

With Automate, you can do much more with worksheets to manipulate data and automate reporting across your organization. Regardless of the data source (Excel, Crystal Reports, SQL, an ERP system, web services, or others), Automate’s suite of drag-and-drop actions can merge, process, and format the data to build an intelligent report. Automate can then email the report to stakeholders, which further eliminates the need for manual intervention in the report generation and distribution process.

OpenDocument Format Reporting

Saving your spreadsheets in OpenDocument format means that you can access your spreadsheets from any OpenDocument-compliant application, including Excel, Google Docs, OpenOffice, or LibreOffice. In addition, Automate provides easy-to-use time- and event-based scheduling so reports can be generated, compressed, encrypted, uploaded to SharePoint or an FTP site, emailed to management, and more as part of a single automated workflow.

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