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These Companies Automated Report Generation. You Can Too.

No one wants to spend their day copying and pasting numbers into Excel or reformatting budget reports. In fact, our data management survey found that report generation is the data management process that companies most wish they could automate. And with good reason—the right business process automation software can take report generation and distribution off your hands and save hours every day.

Here are three companies that discovered the value of automated reporting.

How an Document Management System (EDMS system) work

1. Echelon Home Products Saved 20 Hours per Week

Not only did wholesale appliance distributor Echelon Home Products spend 20 hours each week generating and distributing reports, the process was causing an all-day network slowdown every Monday. Echelon eventually used Automate to process 110 weekly and 71 monthly reports unattended, but not before the company looked into several other solutions.

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2. Pacific Toxicology Laboratories Saved Three to Four Hours per Day

PacTox provides drug testing, biological monitoring, medical surveillance, therapeutic drug monitoring, and forensic toxicology. This requires the use of a variety of disparate systems to gather testing data, upload it, interact with customers and partners, and generate and distribute reports. Before implementing Automate, PacTox didn’t have a consolidated solution to manage these processes.

After starting to use Automate, the IT manager at PacTox said that it had a “hugely beneficial impact on customer service."

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3. The Louisiana Lottery Corporation Distributes Reports Securely

The Louisiana Lottery Corporation had intense reporting and distribution requirements. Employees in departments such as Security, Accounting, and Price Payment needed access to accurate, on-demand information to monitor the progress of lottery ticket sales during the business day. Additionally, employees required over 300 summary reports each day. There was no way this could be accomplished manually.

By implementing Automate, the company not only automated reporting, but incorporated report generation into an overall automation strategy that included secure file transfers and end-of-day reconciliation of transactions—all with a single software solution.

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