Microsoft Application Automation

Microsoft Application Automation

Integrate Microsoft application processes into your enterprise workflows

Eliminate Microsoft Application Busywork with Automate

How many times each day do you or your team members use an application or tool developed by Microsoft to get your work done? From Outlook inboxes to Excel spreadsheets to PowerShell scripts, Microsoft is ubiquitous in the workplace. In fact, you are probably so accustomed to opening Microsoft applications that you don’t think about all the ways you could be automating those tasks.

Automate makes it easy to build automated workflows that incorporate all your most tedious Microsoft application tasks. Generate Excel reports automatically, manage your SharePoint files without lifting a finger, or kick off a cross-platform process when an email arrives in your Outlook mailbox. All of this and more can be done in minutes—no scripting required. 

Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory Automation

Automate’s Active Directory integration provides a central way to administer identity and access management for user accounts, computers, applications, and other services. Create workflows with pre-built actions such as bulk creation, retrieval, management and deletion of groups, user accounts, and other Active Directory objects.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Automation

Automate includes Exchange actions with the capability to automate activities like creating contacts, retrieving tasks, and entering schedules. It can also monitor an Exchange mailbox for emails matching complex filter criteria.

Windows Azure

Microsoft Azure Automation

Take advantage of fully enabled cloud storage automation via Microsoft's Azure Storage Services. Automate’s built-in Azure actions include the ability to create, list, update, and delete binary large objects (BLOB), table services, and queue services.

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