Robotic Process Automation

Easily configurable robots for desktop automation


Windows, Linux, IBM i

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Increase productivity with robotic process automation

Take Tedious Tasks off Your Plate

Most of us have repetitive, manual processes that seem to eat up all the time we wish we could spend on more important work. Whether your task is transferring thousands of files securely, compiling month-end reports, or extracting data from a homegrown application, robotic process automation can help. Automate robots will streamline your workload so you can focus on the strategic activities where you add the most value.

Increase Individual and Team Productivity

In just a few minutes of dragging and dropping, you can configure a robot to follow all the steps in the process that you would follow. You don’t even have to schedule the robot for the same time every day—your robotic process can be triggered by an event such as a file arrival.

Which Automation Tool is Right for You?

Compare Automate and Automate Enterprise to see which robotic process automation tool best fits the needs of your organization.

“That budgeting job used to monopolize four or five people for two or three days straight. I automated it and created the files we needed in less than 90 minutes.”

David Brown
Systems Analyst
Echelon Home Products
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