SharePoint Automation

Automate your SharePoint processes from a single platform



Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful business collaboration platform. The capabilities of SharePoint, including content management, collaboration, search, and business intelligence work together to help companies quickly respond to changing business needs. For IT, in particular, SharePoint helps the team focus on and communicate about business priorities.

However, SharePoint can be difficult to navigate for many users, not to mention that maintaining your SharePoint site and constantly uploading and monitoring the status of your documents is extremely time-consuming.

The power of Automate with native SharePoint support delivers a comprehensive automation platform, enabling businesses to integrate SharePoint into workflows with disparate applications across their network. Automate's pre-built SharePoint activities and drag-and-drop interface automate the management and administration of SharePoint users, sites, libraries, workflows, and lists. Automate provides the capability to automate all SharePoint business and IT processes on a single platform.

SharePoint Automation Ideas Across the Enterprise:

Automate SharePoint processes

Looking to implement SharePoint automation in your organization? Here are just some of the ways you can streamline your SharePoint-related processes using automation:

  • Implement code-free SharePoint automation
  • Save time uploading or downloading files to SharePoint sites
  • Eliminate latency, errors, and operational costs
  • Retrieve and control SharePoint workflows
  • Keep tabs with SharePoint workflow management
  • Manage SharePoint users and groups
  • Check files in and out automatically
  • And more!

SharePoint Automation in Business

SharePoint Automation in your Business

An Automate task is triggered by an email attachment delivered to a specific mailbox. The task analyzes the attachment, determines that certain criteria are met, and feeds the contents of the attachment to an ERP process. After the ERP process is completed, the data is persisted in a SQL database. An Excel report is generated, uploaded to SharePoint, and emailed to a supervisor.

SharePoint Automation in IT

SharePoint Automation in IT

An Automate task is triggered by the presence of a new employee record in a SQL database. The task creates a new Active Directory user, a new contact in Exchange, adds the user to a group in SharePoint, and emails an IT administrator.

Automated SharePoint Backup

With Automate’s enhanced features for SharePoint, you can automatically backup and restore your SharePoint site. The ability to backup whole sites from the server level with just a few clicks means that your SharePoint site is easy to maintain and remains up to date for your company’s continued collaboration.

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