Skybot Software Adds Support For Informatica to Automate and Streamline Big Data Integration Efforts | HelpSystems

Skybot Software Adds Support For Informatica to Automate and Streamline Big Data Integration Efforts

January 17, 2013

Eden Prairie, MN, January 17, 2013 – Skybot Software, developer of Skybot Scheduler, web-based enterprise job scheduling software, today announced the release of version 3.2 with support for Informatica® PowerCenter®. This integration extends Skybot Scheduler’s scheduling capabilities into PowerCenter and allows users to integrate PowerCenter workflows with other IT and business processes.

“As the volume of big data integration projects grows, enterprise IT departments recognize that automating processes across these efforts is critical for success,” said Janet Dryer, CEO of Help/Systems, parent company of Skybot Software. “Skybot Scheduler uniquely addresses this need with a fast, easy-to-use, and cost-competitive solution.”

To keep up with data integration demand, customers not only required Informatica workflows to react to system events, such as file arrivals or changes, but also needed outside applications to start immediately following an Informatica workflow. Skybot Scheduler 3.2 makes it easy to set up these scenarios without delays, manual input, or additional scripting. This centralized, event-driven approach eliminates errors as workflows only run when the required prerequisites are met.

Skybot Scheduler 3.2 also reduces the management nightmare of multiple production schedules, allowing system administrators to see and forecast the entire processing schedule from one interface.

“With Skybot Scheduler 3.2, Informatica users gain the control, flexibility, and visibility needed to run ETLs, reports, and other data integration processes as part of one streamlined enterprise schedule,” said Dryer.

In addition to its Informatica interface, Skybot Scheduler has achieved certified integration with SAP NetWeaver®, and provides support for MS SQL Server®, cron, and many Windows® desktop applications.

Since introducing Skybot Scheduler in September 2010, Skybot Software has released 16 version enhancements, including three major product updates.