Mortgage Processing Automation

Leverage the Power of RPA and Intelligent Document Processing for Mortgage Automation

How Does Mortgage Automation Improve the Lending Process?

Ensuring the mortgage origination process goes smoothly is a significant challenge. The ability to streamline loan processing, while ensuring data privacy, accuracy, and regulatory compliance is a game changer. Mortgage automation enables financial institutions to do away with manual processing by routing forms and data automatically, reducing the complexity of processing applications, decreasing potential errors, and ensuring customers receive the best experience possible. 

The Benefits of Intelligent Mortgage Automation 

Automate Critical Interactions with Current Systems 

With robotic process automation (RPA), you can automate interactions between critical applications, data entry and extraction, and reporting. Whether or not you use the latest, most sophisticated POS, LOS, and core banking systems, RPA can be layered on your current systems to streamline business processes.

Provide Immediate Relief to Staff 

Because it builds upon your existing technology, RPA can also provide immediate relief for limited staff and remove the need for temporary workers as your workload expands. 

Supercharge Automation with Intelligent Document Processing

By combining RPA with intelligent document processing, featuring machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can eliminate costly steps like document classification, manual data entry, and document analysis. It's intelligent mortgage automation that moves your business forward. 

How Our Mortgage Automation Solution Works

With Automate Intelligent Capture and Automate RPA, you can leverage the best in intelligent mortgage automation. Working together, these solutions extend mortgage automation capabilities and enable organizations to maintain control of critical information with speed and accuracy. Leverage AI and machine learning to enable automatic self-learning for previously unseen documents, making your system smarter and more accurate over time.


Intelligent Data Capture


Eliminate labor intensive, error prone, and time-consuming processing. With intelligent document capture, you can process loan and mortgage documents as they arrive in your organization from a scanner, email or monitored folder. Documents are sorted based on patterns, appearances, and text into specific document classes for extraction.

AI Document Processing & Machine Learning


Our AI document processing and unassisted machine learning algorithms enable automatic self-learning for fast setup of unseen mortgage and loan documents. Plus using a robust, patented classification and categorization engine, you can leverage intelligent data capture to ensure automatic document classification. 

Automatic Data Extraction and Routing


Reduce manual data entry between 60 to 90 percent by automatically extracting relevant fields based on document type. Data can be extracted from machine printed forms or barcodes. Route mortgage and loan documents electronically, and easily output images and data for use in your LOS or other business intelligence software.

Simple Implementation and Integration

Our unique auto-find learns data fields without endless hours of building templates. Simple integration with third-party applications makes it easy to move extracted data from mortgage documents to other business applications. 

Management Visibility and Compliance Controls

Easily see what documents are queued for processing and apply strict controls for how loan and mortgage documents are processed to meet ongoing regulatory compliance.



What Challenges Can Mortgage Document Processing Solve?

Ensure document identification and indexing consistency 

Dramatically increase mortgage and loan volume throughput

Reduce costs associated with internal document processing

Improve response turnaround time and manage document volume 

Watch Automate Intelligent Capture and Automate RPA in Action



See how Automate Intelligent Capture and Automate RPA work together for loan document reconcilliation. In this example, learn how it's possible to process a single commercial loan PDF with three separate documents, pull data from those documents, and then compare that data to the data residing in the core LOS. 

Leverage Software Bots in Your Mortgage Process

Looking for RPA solution bots to help automate your mortgage origination process? We offer software bots for exchanging information with Encompass LOS through API connection, and for integrating Blend and MortgageBot or Blend and Mortgage Cadence through an API and GUI automation. Gather and download mortgage application data and extra documentation to automatically create and update the loan, generate reports, and retrieve loan attachments. 


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See What's Possible When You Leverage the Power of Intelligent Mortgage Automation

Learn how to combine the power of automation and intelligence to achieve your mortgage automation goals. Request your own demo to learn how you can transform mortgage processing in your organization.