Network Monitoring in Government and Defense

Support critical government initiatives with a powerful and active network monitoring software


active network monitoring software for government and defense agencies

Network connectivity is the foundation for all your critical work—from law enforcement to public policy to defense. But if IT lacks clear visibility into how the network's performing, unexpected issues could derail and even endanger your organization's important projects. 

Government agencies and contractors worldwide use network mapping and monitoring software like Intermapper to keep an eye on their networks 24/7. Intermapper autodiscovers network devices, displays them in a live network map, and monitors each one in real time. When trouble hits, you receive instant alerts so you're always one step ahead of suspicious spikes or slowdowns. Plus, as a government-approved solution, you can be confident that Intermapper meets strict technology standards.

"I still love Intermapper. I have used it at various jobs …. It still does the best job I have seen of allowing me to lay out and map and manage all the various devices. I have started letting non-IT staff look at the web page so they can see and understand how complex my network is."

Andy Flagge
Network Administrator
Cerro Gordo County

Find and Fix Outages Immediately

network traffic monitoring software for government and defense agencies

Don't be the last one to know about IT outages. A network monitoring solution like Intermapper alerts you to network problems as soon as they happen so you can troubleshoot and remediate right away. 

Dynamic maps help ensure smooth daily operations and uptime for services and critical devices. Any suspicious network traffic can be analyzed to help spot security threats. Used alongside your organization’s cybersecurity solutions, Intermapper equips IT teams with the network visibility they need to troubleshoot and resolve performance issues of all kinds, whether small or serious.

Who Uses Intermapper?

Network pros in every government setting choose Intermapper for powerful, active network monitoring.

Armed forces

Homeland security

Cybersecurity organizations

Weapons system providers

Local government agencies

Government contractors

Stay Compliant with Federal Regulations

stay compliant with an active network monitoring solution

Intermapper can help you meet NISPOM/FISMA regulations, keeping your agency compliant and your network healthy. Analyze past data and create reports for auditors. Use custom probes to monitor special equipment. Scan your network at specified intervals to detect new devices. Whatever your needs, Intermapper can help make sure you're monitoring in an approved, standard fashion. 

Get Buy-in From Your Boss

You already know every IT purchase demands justification, and there is real competition for your budget dollars. Let us help you tell the story of why active network monitoring will save you time now and protect you from outrageously expensive outages in the long run. Check out our ROI hub to compare the cost of Intermapper to an outage, read real stories from Intermapper users, and download a customizable deck of slides you can share with your boss and coworkers. 

Rely on a Government-Approved Solution

Use a government-approved network traffic monitoring software like Intermapper

Government agencies face long authorization processes before they can get started with a new software tool. As the recipient of a Certificate of Networthiness by the U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DOD), Intermapper has been tested and proven to meet security, interoperability, and compliance regulations.

Get Started

Map and monitor your network for optimal performance. We are proud to offer special discounted pricing to government agencies. Try Intermapper free for 30 days, and please contact for a discounted quote.