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Your network goes beyond your network. And there's never been a more important time to ensure you have a complete view of your network infrastructure. Intermapper monitors and maps everything with an IP address to give you a look at your entire environment. Intermapper provides industry-leading network monitoring tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac. And it gives network professionals visibility into what's happening on their network now—to stay one step ahead of potential outages. 

Curious about how other organizations use Intermapper network monitoring tools? This guide will take you on a tour of actual customers in all different industries and sizes, showing how they rely on Intermapper. Learn how organizations leverage Intermapper to see their entire environment—not just the IT network—in real-time. And find out how your organization can stay ahead of outages, fix issues faster, manage growing, changing networks, and gain immediate ROI.

Intermapper in Education


  University of British Columbia

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Remote Access

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Fraser Medical Program assigns students to local hospitals and clinics in remote areas. Instruction is delivered through video-conferencing. Maintaining accreditation requires that classes be delivered on time and that video-conferencing equipment is reliable and available. Intermapper maps its network connections, monitors quality of service, and gives technicians in all locations the information they need to proactively maintain operations.

UBC replaced its current solution with Intermapper to gain the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. It took less than three days to point Intermapper at UBC’s video-conference equipment. Network maps were also created so that technicians in remote locations could see what was happening on their portions of the network. Now, over 80 staff members use Intermapper Remote Access for real-time information on network performance and device status.


“If staff members didn’t have access to Intermapper, I would have spent the rest of my life figuring out problems for them. The feature set that Intermapper provides is the one most universities require in a network monitoring tool."

— Dennis O’Reilly, Senior Network Analyst


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  Vail School District

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Remote Access

For the Vail School District, technology use in the classroom is a given. As one of the best-known K-12 school districts in Arizona, it is the largest provider of digital content in the state. The standard for all high schools is a 1:1 computer-to-student ratio, and teachers use free, digital instructional tools from Open Educational Resources (OER) instead of textbooks. Blogs and emails are regularly used to correspond with parents and statewide assessments take place online instead of on paper.

Because students are constantly accessing content, there is a huge load on overall network infrastructure. Intermapper has been the network monitoring solution of choice within the school district for nearly 20 years. Monitoring day-to-day traffic with Intermapper gives the school district an understanding of what normal traffic patterns look like and an immediate synopsis of health. Plus the ability to work on a variety of operating systems has also been essential. Detecting and preventing network issues in the district has become much easier with a real-time picture of network performance provided by Intermapper.


“You don't use network monitoring software to show you what's broken. You use it to learn what normal looks like. I don’t know how I’d have gotten here in the thoughtful way we have without having Intermapper at my disposal.”

— Matt Federoff, Chief Information Officer


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  Georgian College

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Remote Access

Georgian College is one of 24 publicly funded Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario, Canada. With 10 campuses, maintaining network uptime across a geographic area spanning four counties and over 7,100 square miles requires the ability to quickly find and determine the impact of network issues. Using Intermapper, Georgian’s Network Infrastructure Group doesn’t have to do this manually. Instead of watching for issues to arise, the team receives automatic alerts when thresholds have been exceeded, giving them freedom to go about their day and increasing confidence that the network infrastructure is being closely monitored at all times.

Because the network team has made it a priority to discover network issues ahead of users, Intermapper has been instrumental in providing a live view of network health, alerting the team when situations occur, and ensuring that all of the routers, switches, firewalls and access points are properly mapped and monitored. Today, Georgian has close to 500 maps depicting IT geography at every level, from high-level campus overviews down to floor, classroom, and closet-level maps. 


“Intermapper is a tool that provides the potential to ‘work smarter and not harder’ by allowing us to understand our network behavior to proactively address issues before they become larger problems, as well as know about problems before the user calls our help desk.”

— Randy Baker, Network Security Technician


Organization Profile

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Intermapper in Healthcare



Key Solutions: Intermapper  

Netzperten is a network consultancy that plans, implements, and manages network infrastructures, serving healthcare facilities in Germany. As hospitals move from paper to digital, network reliability has become increasingly important. Transitioning to these new digital environments means that healthcare facilities rely heavily on their servers, which can sometimes overheat and cause hard drive damage, equipment failure, and a loss of data.

After encountering a situation where a hospital server room overheated, the team at Netzperten turned to Intermapper to avoid this problem from occurring again. Alongside Intermapper, a probe was written for the environmental monitor in the client’s server room. This included alerts from the probe into the alarm schema. When a test of the emergency power system was conducted, the data Intermapper polled from the environmental sensor effectively indicated a change in temperature and sent an alarm out over SMS so technicians could tend to the problem. By tracking hospital server room temperatures from polling environmental sensors, Intermapper is effectively monitoring environmental variables as well as healthcare network performance and device status.


“Intermapper has a very open interface so it’s easy to write our own probes. It saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and a total breakdown in service.”

— Bernd Janke-Wohltmann, Netzperten


Organization Profile

Location: Germany | Website:

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Intermapper in Government


  Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Flows | Intermapper Remote Access

For the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, ensuring the safety of 500,000 residents and nearly seven million yearly tourists is no small feat. Maintaining clear and consistent communication is key to accomplishing that task, and the department relies on an extensive network that supports communications coverage to staff members and officers in the field. To provide radio, voice, and data connections, it manages a network made up of more than 400 devices, including Cisco Ethernet switches, IP cameras, microwave radio equipment, in-vehicle laptops, and other niche devices across 15 remote sites all around the county.

After an extensive search, the Sheriff’s Office chose Intermapper as its network monitoring solution and has seen tremendous value. Intermapper helps maintain consistent network uptime and enables the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office the ability to develop its own probes. The team then uses those probes to monitor niche equipment that other solutions can’t. Plus with the ability to automatically detect and map any device with an IP address, the team has been able to create detailed maps of the county’s network sites and the myriad of devices throughout the network. A series of email and text alerts also notify staff of key events, such as device malfunction, network outage, or bandwidth issues.


“We chose Intermapper because of its affordability, ease of use, and flexibility. It makes it very easy to understand device conditions and network status—it's made it a whole lot easier to monitor and maintain our network.”

— Vince Hurst, Communications Technician


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Location: United States | Website:

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Intermapper in Telecommunications


  Alcatel-Lucent Australia

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Remote Access

Alcatel-Lucent Australia’s intelligent network services connect customers with businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and shops, in their local calling area. These services are only valuable if they’re available and fast. So Intermapper keeps tabs on the intelligent network system, providing health checks, alerting technicians to potential problems, and supplying data for capacity expansion planning—all in a cost-effective way.

The Alcatel-Lucent systems handle all the call and data processing through TCP/IP once it’s handed over from the telco switch’s SS7 link (E1/T1). The Alcatel-Lucent technician team uses Intermapper to check the health of those systems and connections regularly. Network maps and alerts point out performance problems and Intermapper data is used to plan for capacity increases, while Intermapper Remote Access also lets the team see customer sites from the central operations desk.


“Intermapper is such a great value. I’ve been able to roll out Intermapper for 10% of what a network management system would cost. And Intermapper reflects network configuration changes in minutes as opposed to weeks.”

— Guy Bryant, Project Director, Mobile/Fixed Systems Division


Organization Profile

Location: Australia | Website:

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  Business Only Broadband

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Remote Access

As an internet service provider, Business Only Broadband (BOB), a Windstream company, provides carrier-grade Metro Ethernet and Internet solutions to diverse industries and businesses. It is one of the largest fixed wireless broadband providers in the greater Chicago area as well as in the Milwaukee and New York City metropolitan areas. Made up of more than 2,500 devices, the network requires constant monitoring—even the smallest issue with a device or bandwidth impacts customers directly.

After struggling to maintain real-time awareness of the network using other network monitoring software, Business Only Broadband turned to Intermapper. The team implemented a series of alerts and notifications that keep them in the know on network issues. Using Intermapper’s powerful mapping capabilities, BOB has also created physical and geographical maps of the network, quickly pinpointing any issues that arise.  Intermapper’s scalability is also invaluable to the team as they use the solution to monitor thousands of devices, including core Cisco routers, switches, access points, radios, and Metro Ethernet switches. And with Intermapper Remote Access, the company is able to effectively maintain around-the-clock knowledge of the network.


“With Intermapper, it is very easy to look at an individual device to make changes and create graphs of usage on the fly. This is very useful when a customer calls with technical issues. We are able to see exactly what is going on with their devices in seconds.”

— Tim Huffman, Director of Engineering


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Location: United States | Website:

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  Cascade Networks

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Remote Access

Cascade Networks provides high-speed wireless and fiber optic internet access to customers across a five-county area that stretches from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. Two-thirds of the subscriber base is commercial—companies that rely on Cascade’s services to communicate with customers and sell products. The other third are private residences that lack access to cable modem service or DSL.

The company sought a network monitoring solution that would point out potential problems that could be fixed before customers were affected. After selecting Intermapper, Cascade Networks now leverages an early warning system that gives technicians real-time status information about devices and connections across their five-county service area. Potential problems are noted and fixed before customers notice a thing. Intermapper monitors every router on Cascades’ networks. Plus every technician accesses network maps using Intermapper Remote Access. Cascade also has several client providers that also use Intermapper Remote Access to connect to their own subnet maps and data.


“When we see a customer go down, we call them and they are always amazed we know that they’re down—sometimes they haven’t even noticed. For us, ROI is a happy customer, so Intermapper’s customer relationship value is huge.”

— Brian Magnuson, President


Organization Profile

Location: United States | Website:

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  Peoples Telephone

Key Solutions: Intermapper | Intermapper Remote Access | Automate Desktop

Peoples Telephone provides high-speed internet and other quality communications and technology services to customers. For years, Peoples Telephone has used Intermapper to keep tabs on critical devices and links, power systems, A/C outages, battery voltage, and cabinet temperature via SNMP monitoring. Peoples has also created Intermapper maps for premium fiber customers to see all the nodes and circuits for easy self-service monitoring. Outside of IT, the sales team uses Intermapper to know exactly when premium customers have maxed out their bandwidth.

Yet when it came to extended cell phone sites, the company was not actively monitoring them. So when wireless gear would fail at the remote sites, the company only received notification when customers called to report a service outage. After learning that Intermapper could seamlessly integrate with Automate, a HelpSystems automation solution, Peoples realized it could prevent unexpected outages, now using a ping probe to monitor sectors at rural cell sites. When a sector locked up, Automate would remotely access the base station and reboot the sector—without any human intervention. Now customers don’t even notice service interruptions. And the internet is back up again in a minute or less.


“We used to get called in all the time. Now with Automate and Intermapper, we were able to get those times down so quick that customers never called us. It works really well.”

—Derek Davidson, Director of IT



Organization Profile

Location: United States | Website:

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Intermapper in Financial Services



    California State Teachers Retirement System

Key Solutions: Intermapper

California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) supports the management and delivery of more than 800,000 educators and their families. To serve these customers, approximately 900 employees rely on CalSTRS network resources and websites. The organization needed a solution to monitor all of its systems and send alerts when a device would go down or have problems. Selecting Intermapper for its affordability, ease of operation, graphic live-mapping, and real-time monitoring, CalSTRS also values the cross-platform capability that Intermapper provides.  

The organization now relies on Intermapper to retrieve traffic and error rate statistics from 180 devices and connections serving their Sacramento headquarters, two remote offices, a disaster recovery location, mainframes, and multiple websites. Network technicians receive alerts of potential problems, real-time network maps locate the devices and connections at the root of the issue, and the interface allows for drilling down to more detailed information. The team can easily access information on 10 to 12 different network maps to see who is downloading what and where they are. Intermapper gives CalSTRS the industrial-strength tools and real-time, targeted information it can trust to keep benefits flowing for California’s educators and their families.


“What we like about Intermapper is that it’s not expensive and is very easy to learn. It’s very graphical.”

— Shawn Hickox, Lead Network Engineer, Enterprise Initiatives and Technology


Organization Profile

Location: United States | Website:

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