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Automating SharePoint Monitoring for Better Collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint helps organizations work better by giving them one central spot for their most important documents and information. But even though it makes business collaboration easier, that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws.

Luckily, there’s SharePoint automation to help streamline your most tedious SharePoint related tasks. Automate, the robotic process automation (RPA) solution from HelpSystems, can help you get more out of this key business tool by using the power of automation to make your SharePoint processes work better and smarter.

SharePoint Monitoring

SharePoint helps users across your business access key information, which is why it’s important to ensure the information is always up to date. If one of your biggest challenges is keeping your corporate data synced between business applications, using automation for Microsoft SharePoint monitoring can save the day. An automation task can be set up that monitors folders and takes actions to automatically move and change files as needed. And it can even send email notifications to alert key stakeholders when there are updates.

Have you ever needed to update a set of files in SharePoint to match the data in your SQL database? This might not seem like a big deal when it’s just a handful of files. But that time adds up when you have to repeat that task daily. And even more so if it’s more than a handful of files and you have to update hundreds or thousands of files. Automate can take tasks like this from manual to automated to save you lots of time usually spent on manual tasks so you can focus on more value-adding tasks.

Event-Driven Automation

To execute SharePoint monitoring, Automate implements event-driven automation through Automate triggers. A trigger is an event that kicks off a process without any need for manual intervention. The SharePoint trigger can start an automated workflow by monitoring when an item is uploaded, downloaded, checked in, checked out, moved, deleted, updated, or more.

Beyond SharePoint Monitoring

Almost any activity you do using SharePoint can be integrated with Automate's SharePoint automation. Setting up tasks is easy using Automate’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. You can automate searches, creating or updating sites, uploading and downloading files, and even managing your lists.

One of the best parts of Automate’s SharePoint integration is the SharePoint browser feature, an easy-to-use interface that lets you connect directly to your SharePoint site as you build tasks in Automate. This interface makes it easier to view and select content—such as a SharePoint list or calendar—to be used in your automated processes.

Set Up SharePoint Processes with Automate

Want to get started and set up your own Automate task? Check out our tutorial on how to set up SharePoint workflow automation. Simply download a trial of Automate and follow along with the steps to see just how easy integrating Automate with SharePoint can be.


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