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How to Set Up SharePoint RPA

September 19, 2019

This SharePoint automation workflow robotic process automation tutorial is for adding new customer data from an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint list. The video above walks through the steps below and also shows what the task looks like when it is run.

Step 1: Download a free trial of Automate

Step 2: Create a new SharePoint list and name it NewCustList.

Step 3: Create a new task in Automate.

Step 4: Create variables for file locations and SharePoint site credentials.

Step 5: Open the data source. Get the records and store in dataset (in this example, it is the list-qcustcdt spreadsheet). Then test the task to make sure you have the correct records.

Step 6: Add step to Create Sharepoint Session—there are lots of other options here you could use to create other SharePoint automation tasks. Enter your Sharepoint login credentials.

Step 7: Set up the loop to read through the records and write to the SharePoint list. Add the fields that you want to add to the list. Variables will be created when extracting records from spreadsheet.

Step 8: Run the task. All the records will be automatically added to the SharePoint List.

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