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Automate the Boring Stuff—50 Processes You Can Automate

When it comes to taking care of manual, boring processes with robotic process automation (RPA), there’s no limit to what you can automate. Here we’ve compiled 50 different RPA examples to get your wheels moving as you consider new automation ideas. If you already have ideas for what you can automate, these resources can help you make them happen. If you're just starting to explore what's possible with RPA, take these ideas and evaluate how processes currently run in your organization.

Sharepoint Automation ExamplesSharepoint Automation

SharePoint plays a key role in keeping your organization synchronized with content management, collaboration, and search. However, it can be a chore to manage. RPA helps businesses keep SharePoint updated and access information without manual effort. 

  1. Automate SharePoint monitoring for better collaboration 
  2. Set up SharePoint workflow automation 
  3. Sample workflow: SharePoint, Excel, Access automation 
  4. Automate SharePoint downloads

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Data Scraping Automation ExamplesAutomated Data Scraping with Automate | Processes to Automate

Using traditional methods, data extraction can be complicated. RPA helps bridge the gap between unsctructured data and business applications. 

  1. Automate data scraping from websites into Excel 
  2. Business solutions for scraping data from PDFs 
  3. Automate data scraping for web and more 

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Web Automation Examples: Browser, Website, and More

Web automation can help with a variety of tasks, primarily reducing repetitive actions taken in a web browser. RPA takes care of automated navigation, input, extraction, and more.

  1. 5 tips for automated web testing 
  2. 4 use cases for web browser automation 
  3. Automating web browser tasks 
  4. Automate website monitoring in less than 10 minutes
  5. Browser automation: automate website actions like clicks or data extraction 
  6. Automate web services 
  7. Sample workflow: Query Access database & call a web service 
  8. Web browser automation using Google Chrome 

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Automated Reporting ExamplesAutomated Reports with Automate | Processes to Automate

Manipulate data and automate reporting across your applications with RPA to analyze the data instead of spending all your time pulling and parsing it.

  1. Sample workflow: SQL Query DB & FTP upload Excel report 
  2. Automate Excel reports 
  3. RPA for reporting wire transfers

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Application Automation Examples: Microsoft, CRM, ERP

Applications that house and process key information for your business have a lot of manual processes connected to maintenance and use. Microsoft applications, CRM, and ERP systems have ample opportunities to streamline with RPA.

  1. Automate emails in Outlook 
  2. How to do CRM automation 
  3. ERP process improvement with RPA 
  4. ERP automation ideas for every business function 
  5. 9 Microsoft application tasks you should be automating 
  6. Go beyond basic macros with spreadsheet automation 
  7. Streamline your SAP processes with workload automation and RPA 
  8. Advanced Excel automation for the enterprise 
  9. Extract information from Exchange 
  10. Monitor critical user applications with RPA

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Scripting Automation Examples

Languages like Python and PowerShell can sometimes be replaced with RPA. In other cases, you can automate the scripts themselves to solve business problems more efficiently.

  1. Build no-code automation scripts
  2. Automate PowerShell scripts with RPA 
  3. Scripting languages you can automate: Python, PowerShell, and more! 

Compliance Automation Examples

Compliance requires error-free record keeping and lots of maintenance. RPA helps organizations control their data and automate tasks to make it easy to both maintain and prove compliance.

  1. Control your data for seamless compliance 
  2. How and why to automate GDPR compliance

Email Automation ExamplesEmail Automation | Processes to Automate

Email takes up 28% of the average office worker's day, but it doesn't have to. Automate the boring stuff in your email inbox so you can focus on the tasks only you can do. 

  1. Easy email automation 
  2. Email integration and automation in Customer Relationship Management 
  3. 3 helpful ways to use RPA for email 

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HR Automation Examples

Every employee that joins or leaves your organization means work for HR. The onboarding processes can be a lot smoother with RPA, however, with multiple processes that can be triggered upon hire or departure.

  1. HR onboarding and process automation
  2. How to get started with HR automation 
  3. OCR & Active Directory automation 

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Cloud Automation ExamplesCloud Automation | Processes to Automate

It's important that all your infrastructure remain connected for your business to run smoothly. RPA can be deployed in the cloud to connect to and centralize your systems and applications.

  1. How to automate Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  2. Windows Azure automation 

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Desktop Automation Examples

Automate the boring stuff for individual employees. Robotic desktop automation provides tons of ways to reduce the burden of everyday manual tasks.

  1. Desktop automation 
  2. Using RPA software to perform desktop interactions 

Miscellaneous Automation Examples

  1. 10 use cases for network automation 
  2. Achieving event-driven automation with triggers 
  3. Call center automation use case 
  4. Invoice and shipping automation use case 
  5. Account conversion automation 
  6. Top use cases for GUI automation 
  7. File conversion use case 
Don't See Your Process?

There are thousands of ways to automate the boring stuff at your organization. Schedule time with an RPA expert to learn how Automate can solve the problem.