Email Automation

Manage email, attachments, and calendar functions with RPA email automation.


Email has become the main method of communication for businesses around the world. It is critical to so many parts of your organization, but sifting through the inbox takes up valuable time.

Many organizations look to automation for specific parts of their email operations in order to serve customers more efficiently and allow humans to focus on the messages only they can handle.

Automate’s RPA functionality features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that lets IT and business users quickly and easily automate email actions without writing a line of code. Use Automate for email automation with your overarching enterprise automation strategy.

Email Automation with Automate

Any repeated processes that involve inbound or outbound emails are good candidates for email automation. Reap the benefits of RPA with email while monitoring mailboxes, capturing inbound messages, or triggering a process based on an incoming email. Here are some examples:

IT service desk requests


Customer information requests

Order Entry


Emails with attachments

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