On-Demand Webinar

View Critical Network Data from Anywhere with Insite and Intermapper 6.3

See firsthand the new product features and enhancements for Intermapper 6.3
Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
January 15, 2019


You already know and love Intermapper. At HelpSystems, we’ve been working hard to make Intermapper even better so you can continue to rely on it as your top choice for a proactive network mapping and monitoring solution.

Intermapper 6.3 now leverages the power of HelpSystems Insite, our mobile-friendly, browser-based software management tool that lets you view your server and device matrix for Intermapper from your preferred device. With Insite, create and view customizable dashboards with helpful information about your Intermapper server, such as disk storage, memory or CPU usage, and server and device status. Find out which devices need attention and see how many devices are in different states. Insite for Intermapper gives you a holistic view of your Intermapper server and devices so you can react to alerts from anywhere—on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone—to further avoid network downtime.

In this on-demand webinar, dive into Intermapper 6.3 and discover how to:

  • Create dashboard widgets to view your Intermapper server and device matrix
  • Organize the dashboard view according to the user choice
  • View real-time Intermapper Server and device data through Insite Dashboard

Watch our webinar and let Kevin Jackson, Technical Solutions Consultant at HelpSystems, show you the latest and greatest features available in Intermapper 6.3. And learn how HelpSystems customers get free access to Insite to get started.

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