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Automate 101

Learn the basics of Automate to make all your Automation come to life


Browse the below video topics to get started with Automate 101. Each chapter provides video tutorials and instructions designed to increase your product knowledge.

Chapter List

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Automate

Get started using Automate with this detailed tour of the product.

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Automate Enterprise

Get started using Automate Enterprise with this detailed tour of the product.

Chapter 3: Overview of Tasks

Get started with Automate tasks with a step-by-step tutorial on setting up your first task.

Chapter 4: Overview of Workflows

Get started with your first Automate workflow with this step-by-step tutorial.

Chapter 5: Overview of Actions

Get started with Automate actions with an overview and description of each pre-built action.

Chapter 6: Overview of Triggers

Get started with the four most popular triggers in this Automate tutorial. 

Chapter 7: Getting Started with System Settings

Learn about the many system settings within Automate and make the most out of your solution.

Chapter 8: Getting Started with Server Settings for Automate Enterprise

Overview of the different server settings available in Automate Enterprise.

Chapter 9: Variables, Datasets, and the Expression Builder

Overview of how to find, create, and use variables, datasets, and the Expression Builder.

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