Getting Started with Automate

Chapter 1 | Automate 101

Before you begin, learn how to navigate through Automate with this detailed tour of the product. The following video provides a first look at some of the basics of interacting with the Automate Task Administrator. In this overview, Pat Cameron, Director of Automation, helps you get started by taking you on a tour of the basic functionalities provided with Automate—from viewing your folders and customizing preferences to setting defaults. In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate through the Automate Task Administrator
  • View calendars to track your tasks and history
  • View logs for your task, system, and audit events
  • See the task builder and sample tasks, and get an overview of task builder actions

Watch this chapter now and get started with Automate.

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Chapter 2: Getting Started with Automate Enterprise

Not Using Automate Enterprise?