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Intermapper Named Best Free Network Monitoring Software of 2017

If you’re the person in your organization responsible for preventing costly network downtime and errors, you need network monitoring software. Without it, you don’t have visibility into critical network problems until it’s too late. But sometimes the budget is tight. Or maybe your company has recently experienced an outage and you need to implement a monitoring tool now without going through the full procurement process.

In those cases, you might want to turn to one of the free network monitoring tools on the market.

Enterprise software review site G2Crowd recently named the best free network monitoring software of 2017, and Intermapper’s free network monitoring software made the list. Intermapper users love the software—out of 52 users that reviewed Intermapper on G2Crowd, 45 gave it 4 or 5 stars. As one of these reviewers reported:

“Intermapper is a great easy to use monitoring tool that allows us the user to effectively monitor any size network. Great notification feature with various options for delaying or modifying how outages and critical devices get reported.”

Other reviewers mentioned benefits like live monitoring, threshold-based alarms, and SNMP network management.

Intermapper is user-friendly network monitoring software that auto-discovers all your network devices and displays them on a live map that you can configure to fit your preferences. With total visibility into your IT infrastructure, you can see the source of problems, drill in for details, and set alerts to notify you when equipment exceeds preset thresholds. The free version of Intermapper has the same core features as the enterprise product:

  • Comprehensive monitoring for 5 devices with an IP address
  • Automatic Layer 2/3 network mapping
  • Real-time performance alerts
  • Free probes to monitor all your device elements
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