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8 User Groups & Communities to Join for RPA Fans

RPA User Groups

As you begin learning about robotic process automation (RPA) and how it can support improved task handling throughout your organization, finding user groups and communities of like-minded individuals and experts can be a big help. In fact, these can fast-track both your understanding of and the value you derive from these powerful solutions. Forums and communities offer opportunities for exchange that can help you avoid pitfalls and learn quickly how to get others in your organization on board with your initiative.

1. LinkedIn's Robotic Process Automation Group

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Join more than 7,000 fellow professionals in this LinkedIn group, which says its members represent the leading edge of understanding, knowledge, and experience in RPA as well as those new to the technology seeking information, guidance, and best practices.

2. LinkedIn's Robotic Process Automation Community

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This group is smaller than the one listed above, but it offers an open forum for sharing content as well as RPA business opportunities.

3. 128 Different Meetup Groups Around the World

If you’ve never explored Meetup, it’s a great resource for finding groups geared toward all kinds of interests. Currently more than 17,000 people are part of these 128 RPA groups in cities across the globe—and more groups are being formed all the time. Although the charter for each organization varies a bit, each is generally focused on bringing people together to share ideas on how to improve tasks with automation and AI.

4. The IRPA AI Knowledge Forum

The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence is a major force when it comes to understanding all things RPA, and this community features helpful content such as white papers, thought leader commentary, case studies, and best practices info. It’s free to subscribe for members of IRPA AI.

5. Discourse’s Robotic Process Automation Forum

This industry forum discusses RPA experts to watch and invites questions about various RPA solution providers. Participants can ask broad or detailed questions regarding how to evaluate or configure their solutions.

6. RPA Forum

Check out areas such as chats, news, and articles about RPA. You’ll also find information about solution providers and scripting community support.

7. The Robotic Process Automation Google+ Community

This group has several hundred members who share trends, ideas, and best practices in RPA. It’s designed as an industry forum for outsourcers, end-users, developers, architects, analysts, consultants, advisers, and others involved in creating the virtual back office and digital labor.

8. Robotic Process Automation Facebook Group

There are 4,500+ members of this group, which is supported by RPA experts. This may be one to watch as they have plans to provide RPA online training coupled with live workshops, a Q&A forum, and membership to an RPA community for continued support.

We hope you’ll find value in some of these groups as you continue your RPA knowledge journey.


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