Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Securing private information—while enabling authorized use for business purposes—is the goal of intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS).

Protect data from intruders.

Detect potential threats.

Instantly notify security teams with actionable alerts.

Protect Sensitive and Proprietary Information from Prying Eyes

Preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data is a core function of cybersecurity, but today’s attackers are more insidious than ever. Profit-motivated criminals might attempt spoofing attacks or denial-of-service attacks, but your own trusted users also pose a threat. With most organizations giving users access to far more data and applications than they need, systems are vulnerable to sabotage, data theft, and unfortunate mistakes.

Even with the most comprehensive enterprise security solutions in place, malicious actors will still try to access your systems—that’s outside your control. But tools that guard sensitive data and provide visibility into traffic on the system allow you to accelerate your threat response—and safeguard valuable data.

“Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i is a very powerful tool. It can give you insight about what’s happening with your systems, and identify good and questionable activity. Your FTP and ODBC activity levels change when someone installs a new application. Exit Point Manager can help you see the transactions you expect, as well as the ones you don’t expect.”

Seneca Gaming Corporation

Documentation Is the Key to Security and Compliance

Passing audits for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and other security standards often hinges on your audit trail. Can you prove that your organization is monitoring what happens on the system? Are you tracking which users are accessing what data?

Getting visibility into security events on your system allows you to respond effectively. Maintaining an audit trail enables you to prove to auditors that your business has systems in place to detect and prevent intrusions. A reporting solution that helps you navigate the complexities of compliance mandates.

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