Compliance Monitor

Compliance Reporting Software for IBM i

Consolidated compliance monitoring and reporting across Power servers


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Simplify Report Generation

Compliance reporting shouldn’t be the most complex part of compliance. Simplify the task of generating reports across your IBM i systems. Compliance Monitor consolidates audit and security data from multiple systems into a single report, saving your shop time and money.

Meet Auditor Requirements

Give auditors the information they need without the expense or risk of developing homegrown reporting applications. With an easy-to-use web interface and flexible filters, you can define and display the data exactly as auditors require.

Improve System Health

Turn mounds of IBM i data into useful reports that help system administrators identify opportunities to improve system security.

“We were able to get the product installed and up and running quickly, and we were able to start producing reports right away.”

Gavin Inman
Interdivisional Database Administrator
Stryker Medical and Stryker Instruments

Key Features

Simplified configuration reporting

Easily report on your IBM i security configuration

Select, run, and view the reports you want to see. Compliance Monitor compiles data on security-related events and configuration metrics from across your Power servers in a single report, allowing you to easily compare systems and identify areas of improvement. Compliance scorecards display numerical ratings so you can quickly highlight discrepancies and risk.

Audit journal reporting

Save and report on audit journal data with compliance software

Retrieve and store the audit data you need while saving space. Compliance Monitor’s log aggregation architecture allows audit journal data to be retrieved and stored in a highly compressed state on a central consolidator system. This allows you to retain months of audit records in a fraction of the original log’s disk space.

Custom reports and filtering

Generate custom security and compliance reports

Hundreds of customizable reports allow you to drill down into the data you need to identify unauthorized changes and validate baseline configuration. Flexible on-screen filters and view options further allow you to generate exactly the reports auditors’ demand.

Report scheduling and distribution

Schedule IT compliance reports for email distribution

Automatically schedule reports to be distributed via email once they’ve been generated, or export report data to PDF, Microsoft Excel, or CSV for sharing and saving.

Amplify the Security Benefits of Your Compliance Efforts with Policy Minder

Meeting regulatory requirements can be overwhelming. Your IBM i servers contain hundreds of configuration settings, with applications containing dozens of libraries and thousands of objects. You need to dig into that data to evaluate system values, verify that security policies are being followed, and fix anything that’s outside of compliance. If you’re tackling this job manually, however, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Along with the simplified audit reporting that Compliance Monitor provides, a complimentary solution called Policy Minder can help you define and enforce your corporate security policy. While Compliance Monitor provides the ability to report on system values and compare security data, Policy Minder can verify that your security policy is being followed. If items are found to be out of compliance, the built-in “FixIt” feature can remedy them automatically.

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