Network Security

Intrusion Prevention and Detection Software for IBM i

Real-time system access monitoring, tracking, and control


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Monitor IBM i security metrics on user-friendly dashboards

Prevent Security Breaches

Protect your organization from the high cost of security breaches by tracking and monitoring data access. An easy-to-use interface enables administrators to better follow security policy, resulting in a network that’s more secure, more likely to be compliant with regulatory requirements, and less vulnerable to threats.

Control Exit Points

Secure network access points that traditional menu security plans don’t protect. Safeguard your IBM i systems by closing any and all back doors to the network, including FTP, ODBC, SQL, JDBC, and Remote Command. Monitoring and controlling exit point traffic helps restrict data access only to authorized users.

Limit Access to Sensitive Data

Limit access to specific objects and libraries to only the users and groups who have a demonstrated business need. Assign rules by IP address, allowing system access to be limited to approved locations. Easily change and apply rules across your network.

Maintain an Audit Trail

Monitor and track users who access data and issue remote commands. Satisfy regulatory initiatives by recording transactions to a secure journal.

“Network Security is an intuitive exit point control software that allows us to really lock down our network and improve our IBM i compliance.”

Emily Shellabarger
Vice President of First Security Bank
First Security Bank

Key Features

System access monitoring

Create rules for auditing and controlling system access

Track, monitor, and control access to system data. Record user activity, such as who is accessing data and issuing remote commands, in a secure journal. Print reports or analyze data with Microsoft Excel or other tools to more efficiently assess your network security.

Access rule implementation

Dynamic rules limit system access to those who need it

Dynamic rule configuration helps you comply with your security policy. Network Security allows you to grant access only to users or groups who need it, restrict access to specific objects and libraries, and allow access for only locations approved by policy. The software allows multiple levels of access control, giving you the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Exit point control

Cybersecurity software lets you restrict exit point traffic

Control access to your IBM i by monitoring and restricting exit point traffic. With Network Security, you can limit data access to only users who are authorized to download or upload it.

Event notification

Receive real-time notifications when security events occur

Network transactions may indicate that critical data is at risk. When these events occur, Network Security will send messages to network administrators in real time, helping you address security concerns before data is compromised.

Intuitive browser interface

Get visibility into KPIs with Network Security's browser interface

Get greater visibility to key performance indicators with Insite. Dashboards display transaction values without running reports, so you never risk missing issues because you didn’t have time to create a report. Enhanced filtering and search functionality helps you find the information you need quickly. Plus, the mobile-friendly interface provides easy navigation on any device.

Centralized security administration

Centralize security administration to save time

Configure rules and settings just once on the management system. Copy them to other endpoints, quickly propagating your security policy across your network. User-friendly dashboards show you at a glance what’s happening across your network.

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Close back doors to your network, log exit point transactions, and enforce your security policy. See Network Security in action in a demo.

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