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Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i


Protect your organization from the high cost and negative publicity of security breaches by tracking, monitoring, and controlling access to your data with Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i. Schedule a demo today.

Your Greatest Threat May Come from Within


In the age of HIPAA, SOX, and PCI, every company needs a security policy that controls data access for users. In today’s networked environment, there are hundreds of ways to access your IBM i® data, making a security breach more likely than ever before. It doesn’t take malicious hackers to be at risk; the many security breaches are caused accidentally by people within your company.

Reduce the Risk of Security Breaches

Protect your organization from the high cost and negative publicity of security breaches by tracking, monitoring, and controlling access to your data. Be sure you know who accessed what, when it happened, and how they got there. Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i safeguards your IBM i by using exit programs that allow only the people that you have authorized to download or upload data.

Assure Secure Data Access

Access control is vitally important to protect an organization, yet authorized data access is essential for day-to-day operations. Partial solutions, such as shutting down specific servers, can hinder an organization’s ability to compete in today’s high-tech business world.

Quickly Change and Implement Access Rules

Exit Point Manager makes changing access rules simple. Administrators can limit access to the users or groups with a demonstrated need. Specific objects and libraries can be restricted, and rules can be assigned by IP address. This allows you to limit system access to only the locations approved by policy.

Track and Log Activity

When security events occur on your system, Exit Point Manager can notify you in real time. Satisfy regulatory initiatives by recording transactions to a secure journal. Analyze this data with Microsoft Excel or other tools.



“I looked at several other vendors and spoke with HelpSystems customers that were using Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i. After I heard how easy Exit Point Manager was to implement and run, I decided to go with the HelpSystems solution.” — Salvatore Diliello IT Manager, City of Warren


User-Friendly Browser Interface

In addition to the familiar green screen, Exit Point Manager integrates with HelpSystems Insite, a web interface where you can monitor and manage key metrics from any desktop or mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. With Insite, you can manage Exit Point Manager’s access control rules for all your systems in the same view. Powerful searching, sorting, and filtering options make it easy to identify rules for specific servers, users, and locations.

Dashboards provide up-to-the-minute views of transaction counts and hourly stats on your systems without running reports. Sharing your dashboards with other users is simple. For users who don’t require access to other Exit Point Manager features, use guest logins to grant access to dashboards exclusively.

Centralized Administration

Exit Point Manager makes it easy to standardize the management of your IBM i systems. You configure rules once on your management system and then save them to whichever servers you choose, quickly applying your security policy across your network. Run reports and correct policy exceptions directly from Insite. Selecting which systems your rules apply to is easy, and allows for customized system accessibility.

Exit Point Manager delivers first-class performance, supporting the high-volume transaction processing typical in today's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), retail, and financial applications.


Let’s Get Started

Find out what Exit Point Manager can do for you. We’ll review your current setup and see how HelpSystems products can help you achieve your security and compliance goals.


  • Network access control and monitoring  
  • Transaction recording options
  • Real-time notifications 
  • Dynamic access rules  
  • Graphical reporting 
  • Advanced filtering and search functionality  
  • Customizable dashboards  
  • Mobile-enabled design  
  • Browser interface  
  • Multiple levels of access control  
  • Centralized administration


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