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HelpSystems Insite®

IT Operations Center

A mobile-friendly single pane of glass for managing IT across the enterprise

Top 4 Benefits


Where IT Comes Together

With more environments to manage, more platforms in those environments, and more applications running on those platforms, IT’s job is harder than ever before. All this infrastructure diversity results in artificial walls being built up that prevent products from operating well together and workflows from being efficiently executed.

HelpSystems Insite knocks these walls down. It’s a digital hub that integrates and reimagines your HelpSystems products for a modern web experience. Accessible from any device at any time, it’s a no-cost addition to the product package you receive as a HelpSystems customer because we believe IT should come together no matter where it’s located.

“I downloaded and installed [HelpSystems Insite]. I can’t tell you how big of a deal this is for me. No more having to map out public Wi-Fi when traveling so I can respond to failed jobs (if necessary).”

Chris Bodary
Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
BorgWarner Morse Systems

Key Features

Configurable dashboards

Insite user defined dashboards

Easily create dashboards and share them with groups or individuals. See which HelpSystems products you own and determine the update status. With Insite Analytics, you can knock down even more walls and achieve a holistic view of your business by pulling in data from other systems alongside your IT operations information. This can include dashboards for forecasts, inventory levels, sales, churn, or other important metrics.

Centralized administration and deployment

Manage, configure, authorize, and deploy software across your IT organization, navigating between connected products with a single interface. It’s easy to connect HelpSystems Insite with your organization using standard authentication methods and role-based access.

Mobile-friendly management

HelpSystems Insite is wherever you are. Work seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices. You can view dashboards or respond to events the same way, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

HelpSystems Insite's Deployment Manager

Deployment Manager makes it that much easier for your business to receive product updates, download trials, and get started with supported HelpSystems products. Robot, Powertech, and Sequel software are currently available in Deployment Management.

Deployment Manager modernizes the look and feel of deployment and simplifies the process across tens or even thousands of servers. You can choose to install, upgrade, or convert process immediately or do it at a later time, such as a scheduled outage window. Either way, you have fewer hoops to jump through for a smoother, more efficient deployment process.

Get Started

HelpSystems Insite transforms the way you manage your systems. With this mobile-friendly interface, you can easily define and share dashboards and securely view system information from your preferred device, providing single-pane-of-glass visibility for IT staff and executives alike.