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A mobile-friendly single pane of glass for managing IT across the enterprise

Top 4 Benefits


Where IT Comes Together

With more environments to manage, more platforms in those environments, and more applications running on those platforms, IT’s job is harder than ever before. All this infrastructure diversity results in artificial walls being built up that prevent products from operating well together and workflows from being efficiently executed.

HelpSystems Insite knocks these walls down. It’s a digital hub that integrates and reimagines your HelpSystems products for a modern web experience. Accessible from any device at any time, it’s a no-cost addition to the product package you receive as a HelpSystems customer because we believe IT should come together no matter where it’s located.

“I downloaded and installed [HelpSystems Insite]. I can’t tell you how big of a deal this is for me. No more having to map out public Wi-Fi when traveling so I can respond to failed jobs (if necessary).”

Chris Bodary
Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
BorgWarner Morse Systems

Supported Products

HelpSystems Insite allows you to access critical information from all areas of IT—from operations to security—and empowers you to address issues in their early stages, before they impact business.

The following HelpSystems products are currently available in HelpSystems Insite:

Automate Enterprise Ops Console


Make better and faster strategic decisions with a simplified view of data pulled from the Servers Ops Console in Automate. Seeing this information through the lens of HelpSystems Insite speeds understanding of operational analytics and lets you control your process from any device.


Automate Schedule Ops Console

Automate Schedule’s Ops Console is a comprehensive dashboard that easily deploys within an NOC, providing visibility into the health of your critical systems. The responsive interface lets you monitor and manage your organization on any device, and customizable dashboards help you make better and faster strategic decisions.

GoAnywhere MFT


Monitor file transfer metrics and system activity on the go with HelpSystems Insite. Mobile-friendly dashboard widgets give you immediate visibility into over 25 popular GoAnywhere events, including recent file activity and completed jobs, anytime from any device.


Insite Analytics


Build queries in minutes from any data source in an intuitive interface. Data from queries can be visualized on the business user's Insite dashboard in whatever way best represents the data.




View your Intermapper server and device matrix in HelpSystems Insite. Create personalized dashboards with helpful information about your Intermapper server, such as disk storage, memory usage, or server and device statistics. Get a holistic view of your monitored network with Intermapper from any browser on any device.


Powertech Authority Broker for IBM i


Enable system admins to control user privileges on IBM i machines from the intuitive HelpSystems Insite interface. Limit the risk of unauthorized data access with the ability to monitor activity and swiftly adjust permissions as needed.


Powertech Encryption for IBM i


Ensure Powertech Encryption is configured as you intend with customizable dashboards. You’ll get up-to-the-minute views of your configuration settings, encryption key expiration dates, and changes to your key policy.



Powertech Event Manager


Detect security trends quickly by automatically highlighting the security events that occur most frequently. Drill down to investigate details. Custom dashboards let you consolidate events by platform, application, or system.


Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication


Configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) to meet your organization's needs and comply with security standards, including PCI DSS. Administer Powertech MFA from HelpSystems Insite for simple access authentication across internal and external servers running IBM i.


Robot Network


Using Robot Network in HelpSystems Insite gives you the freedom to manage your IBM i environment from anywhere. Create custom dashboards, click into status details, and even create reports to summarize your network setup or activity history.


Robot Schedule


Enjoy easy access to real-time job status information from anywhere on any mobile device. With its mobile-ready web interface, Robot Schedule makes mobile job schedule management simple, whether you need to view your job queue, start a new job, or review live flow diagrams.


Vityl IT & Business Monitoring

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring is your strategic ally to ensure your operations run without interruptions. Through HelpSystems Insite you can see the technical and business components that are monitored (such as performance, availability, service levels, business activity, and more) from different sources and technologies, in customizable dashboards.

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HelpSystems Insite transforms the way you manage your systems. With this mobile-friendly interface, you can easily define and share dashboards and securely view system information from your preferred device, providing single-pane-of-glass visibility for IT staff and executives alike.