Stand Guard Anti-Virus

Virus Protection Software for Linux, AIX, and IBM i

Safeguard IBM Power Systems servers against viruses, worms, and malware


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400), Linux, AIX

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Protect Data from Viruses

Prevent a security breach from crippling your business. Virus protection software detects and removes viruses, worms, Trojans, and more so you can sleep without fear of unwelcome system visitors.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Stand Guard Anti-Virus boasts one of the most comprehensive sets of virus signatures available on any platform and keeps itself up to date by automatically downloading the latest virus definitions and enhancements.

Ward Off Unknown Threats

Using only virus signatures, no scanning engine is able to detect new, previously unknown threats, but Stand Guard Anti-Virus uses heuristic analysis to detect new viruses before they become widespread so you’re never caught off guard.

Key Features

Native file system scanning for IBM i, AIX, and Linux

Native file scanning is secure and reliable

Most anti-virus software solutions are designed specifically for Windows, but there are significant security risks to using those solutions on other platforms. In order to find viruses where they hide, it’s important to use a native tool to prevent scan failure and security issues. Stand Guard Anti-Virus is specifically designed to scan IBM i, AIX, and Linux operating systems for optimal performance and protection.

Heuristic analysis

Identify new malware with heuristic analysis

Even when viruses are too new to be defined, Stand Guard Anti-Virus keeps you one step ahead. The McAfee scan engine uses advanced heuristic analysis to help you catch unknown viruses before they cause damage. Heuristic analysis is a behavior-based scan of a file’s code. If the code behaves similar to a malicious program, McAfee takes note. When the level of malware-like code reaches a set threshold, the scanner reports a possible infection.

On-demand or real-time scanning options

With Stand Guard Anti-Virus, you can choose to scan files dynamically as they are opened or schedule your scans outside of normal business hours to save processing power. Stand Guard Anti-Virus works with any commercial job scheduling solution, so you decide which directories to scan and when to scan them.

Automatic updating and scanning

Automatic DAT updates protect your system from viruses

Simplify your virus protection through automatic DAT updates, product enhancements, and system scans. Stand Guard Anti-Virus automatically updates virus definitions to provide the latest protection against current virus threats.

“Maybe Alon didn’t have anything occur in the last ten years, but they had it on that particular day—which was the third day after I started. Now, whether it’s five years or ten years from now, by deploying Powertech we now have security in place for our IBM i. Stand Guard Anti-Virus is easy to deploy and the automation feature is not only beneficial but paramount.”

Ron Smith
Corporate IT Director
Alon USA

Stand Guard Anti-Virus for IBM i

Scan the integrated file system (IFS) for hidden viruses

Designed specifically for the file systems used by IBM i, Stand Guard Anti-Virus provides native file system scanning allowing you to scan the operating system’s structures not found on other platforms, such as recursive links, in order to uncover viruses and malicious code wherever they may be found. In addition to understanding recursive links, Stand Guard Anti-Virus for IBM i allows you to scan IBM i objects for modified digital signatures (a sign of tampering).

Stand Guard Anti-Virus for AIX, Linux, and Domino

Scan guest partitions, mail, and databases for malware

Stand Guard Anti-Virus protects AIX, Linux, and Domino

Stand Guard Anti-Virus isn’t just a solution for the IBM i. You can also scan guest partitions running AIX or Linux, as well as Lotus Domino mail and databases.

Email remains one of many ways in which viruses and malicious code can find their way into your company. With the Domino add-on, Stand Guard Anti-Virus gives your staff the ability to dynamically:

  • Scan mail and databases
  • Identify and remove malicious code embedded within document attachments and OLE objects
  • Quarantine infected files
  • Alert administrators to problems

Available Services for Stand Guard Anti-Virus

Get Started

Insulate your business against the devastating impact of a security breach with virus protection software that can detect and remove malicious code. Request a demo of Stand Guard Anti-Virus to see it in action.

Detect and remove system threats

In just three steps, Stand Guard Anti-Virus can protect your system against viruses. The software will inspect your system and remove any viruses detected, and as a last step, we’ll provide a complimentary follow-up call to review the results with you.