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How Automate Complements Other RPA Solutions

December 29, 2020
Automate and RPA


Utilizing robotic processing automation (RPA) puts you one big step ahead of many organizations in terms of streamlining manual processes to gain efficiencies across your business. And chances are, you’re already seeing the financial benefit, optimization of resources, and time savings gained from your RPA tool.

As you look to expand your successful use of RPA, you may discover there are a few gaps in the capabilities and value of your existing software solution– even if you are using one of the better-known vendors such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, or Blue Prism. HelpSystems’ Automate can fill in those gaps to help your team truly maximize your RPA efforts.

Add Automate for More Integration and Scalability

If you need to integrate more data between all of your applications Automate can be the answer. With the solution’s native API capabilities and passing parameters, along with integrating with many existing applications, there is no need for clunky workarounds – you can start enjoying seamless integration right away.

Also, when rolling out RPA to additional departments, locations, or other functions within your organization, consider the cost to scale and what ROI can be achieved. With Automate, you can get truly scalable automation when you deploy bots as attended or unattended with concurrent execution of tasks, no restrictions.

When it’s time to scale, boost your center of excellence with Automate and its robust functionality and ability to integrate across your organization. By unlocking your full automation potential, you can get five times more value than with other RPA solutions.

Add Ease-of-Use and Fast Implementation with Automate

Automate delivers the no-code automation you need to quickly build bots. It’s intuitive and features drag-and-drop form-based development with more than 600 pre-built actions so your team can be up and running quickly.

There’s also no need to spend lots of time and money learning how to use Automate. While some software can require many hours of consultant time and months-long learning curves, Automate lets you expand your RPA more easily and quickly with no coding required. Free up your IT team for those higher-level strategic initiatives instead.

Customers on G2 have also raved how Automate is the easy-to-use and implement solution. They’ve voted Automate RPA as Best ROI, Easiest to Use, Easiest to Implement, and more.

How Real Customers Expanded RPA with Automate  

Telecom company realizes cost-savings and robust data integration

A large, global telecommunications company ran many applications to support its operations. Some needed to work directly with each other or use data from another application. They needed a way to connect more than 50 different systems to remove the manual, error-prone parts of their process.

After looking into many leading solutions, the tooling team determined that Automate had the best value and the necessary functionality to support their team’s operations. Having an RPA tool they could use immediately, without needing to code, helped them get up and running quickly. In addition, the company saves $1 million per month, by loosening up the time of up to 100 people.

Healthcare company appreciates Automate's scalability and time to value

At one large managed healthcare organization, the claims department was automating more than 600 tasks with their current RPA solution, and it required a team of 16 dedicated developers to do so. The company was looking for a better way to quickly and cost-effectively scale up their use of automation technology and roll it out to even more departments.

They chose to scale with Automate because the value proposition was just too solid. By implementing Automate Ultimate, they had unlimited bots and studios to use for maximum flexibility across diverse departmental needs.

Insurer realizes user friendly capability and low-cost automation

A large insurance organization had lots of ideas for automation but found difficulty in building and implementing their ideas. Adding Automate’s no-code automation to their RPA tech stack quickly impacted their underwriting department’s reporting capabilities.

Month-end underwriting updates previously required more than five days of work from a 120-person actuarial team. With Automate in place for both daily and heavy-volume month-end reporting, the company no longer needs to pay actuaries to manually create the reports needed. They can now focus on other important activities.

How Automate and Your RPA Solution Can Team Up

Using Automate and your existing RPA solution together allows you to enhance the features of both. Organizations that want increased scalability, ease of use and reduced time to value and implementation may want to consider implementing Automate alongside their current RPA product.

Whether you currently use one of the “big three” RPA products and wish to expand upon its capabilities, or are in the market for an affordable, easy-to-deploy RPA alternative, Automate may be the RPA solution you need. 

See how Automate can amp up your RPA.

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