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When to Automate CRM Data Entry

Automating CRM data entry

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems might have the most data of any system in your organization. And for good reason: your customers are top priority, and you need detailed, accurate data in order to serve them well. There are a lot of reasons why your CRM needs RPA, but one of the most important is that so much data is being pushed and pulled to and from CRM in many different use cases. Done manually, these volumes of data entry can take thousands of hours of mind-numbing work. And accuracy is not guaranteed. Here are some instances where RPA is the best choice for handling CRM data entry.

Use Cases for Automating CRM Data Entry

Mergers and Acquisitions

Your acquired or acquiring company may have the same CRM system as you. But odds are, they don’t. And one of you might even have a legacy system that doesn’t connect to any current applications. CRM migrations require so much data migration, and odds are, your leadership, sales teams, and customer service representatives want to have all the data together in one system as soon as possible.

RPA tools excel at moving data from one system to another. Not only can bots run 24/7 and not fatigue, but they will move the data accurately, with no typos. One Automate customer in the banking industry uses RPA to perform mass data corrections when a new branch is acquired. They have a 99.3% accuracy rate and have saved thousands of hours by automating that process, along with an 85% reduction in input errors. That’s the kind of efficiency and quality that is needed when bringing two separate companies together into the same system.

Migrating or Upgrading CRM Systems

Just got approval to move off the legacy system and into a new, supported CRM system? The excitement only lasts until you remember how much heavy lifting that migration will take. You want to bring over your data, but there are likely some exceptions or special circumstances. How long will it take to train one person about what needs to be done, much less a whole group in order to complete a migration? This is a prime time to automate CRM data movement.

Similar to the way RPA can help in a merger or acquisition situation, it is also essential when moving into a new system. What’s the point of having a shiny new system if you never get to use it? Or if you can’t trust that the data was entered correctly? Using RPA to migrate data off the old system and into the new ensures that the customer data is entered correctly, consistently, and quickly.

Moving Data to and from CRM and Other Systems

CRM systems frequently need to integrate with ERP, EMR/HER, or other industry-specific systems. Data goes back and forth between the systems to keep different parts of the business connected, and as with all data entry, it’s so important that it happen accurately and quickly.

RPA tools with API functionality have the capability to integrate applications that don’t have native integrations. Through stable backend automation, RPA can push and pull data from CRM and other systems.


These critical and high-volume initiatives are top use cases for using RPA for CRM data entry. The right RPA tool can handle any system or application, making manual data movement a thing of the past.

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