What's New in Automate Version 11

We are excited to announce the release of Automate Desktop and Automate Plus Version 11. If you were familiar with HelpSystems automation solutions before, you may have noticed the name change—Automate BPA Server is now known as Automate Plus. But that’s not the only update you have to look forward to when you download v11. (Download Here)

Product Updates

Two new actions have been added to provide you with even more options as you build your tasks and workflows.

Email Trigger

The new email trigger allows you to monitor an Exchange mailbox for emails matching complex criteria. For example, filter according to the from email address, subject, attachment name, or size. When an incoming email matching your criteria is received, your task or workflow will begin executing immediately.

JSON Action

Convert a JSON encoded string into Automate variable engine objects or vice versa. This function can be useful when data is returned from a web service call in JSON data format and needs to be decoded into a format usable by an Automate Plus workflow. Data can also be encoded from a DataSet into a JSON string for posting or sending with a web service request.

Optimized Task Builder

The Automate Task Builder has the same look and feel you are familiar with, but it has been further optimized for usability and includes features like:

  • Data value highlighting
  • Dockable panels
  • New variable inspection system
  • Simplified events/functions editing

Updated Task Engine

The new task engine was retooled and now provides a solid platform for future enhancements. The internal AML format has been upgraded to v3.

Automate Plus Enhancements

Automate products are all about scalability. Start with your current requirements—whether that is robotic process automation of a few tasks or comprehensive enterprise automation—and expand your automation strategy as your organization grows and evolves.

Automate Plus v11 offers increased flexibility to scale the product for your unique needs. You will now be able to purchase individual features you need as add-ons to your platform, like those below.

Enhanced Security and Audit Platform

As automation requirements grow, the need for security increases. Automate Plus's Security and Audit platform includes enterprise-class features like:

  • Active Directory integration. User roles and system level access can be controlled by departments using Active Directory authentication. Query Active Directory and log user information, or generate Active Directory audit reports.
  • User and group permissions. Assign specific permissions to every individual, team, and department in your organization and give them permission to only the necessary workflows and agents.
  • Change history. Every step in workflow creation and subsequent change is recorded in audit logs. This allows errors to be traced back to the origin point.
  • Notifications. In the event a workflow fails, all information is logged and can be sent to administrators or groups via email.
  • Custom logs. Aggregate, monitor, and manage business specific workflow such as FTP transfer statistics, file processing and throughput metrics, and more.

Operations Console

The Automate Plus Ops Console gives you the ability to monitor and manage everything that’s happening across your organization from wherever you are. By providing a simple way to see detailed operational analytics and control your processes from any device, the Server Ops Console helps you make better and faster strategic decisions.

  • SLA Management. Being able to access reports and manage your processes from anywhere ensures that critical SLAs will be met.
  • Single Pane of Glass. Central view of upcoming, active, and completed items, with the ability to drill down into the specifics of any workflow. This flexibility lets potential problems be diagnosed anywhere, from any device.
  • Mobilized and Responsive. View processes and run, stop, pause, resume, enable, or disable any action from a mobile device. Web-based, responsive interface allows users to take action immediately, from anywhere.
  • Customizable UI. User-defined dashboards give you deeper insights into operations across your organization.


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