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Best Practices for RPA Security and Auditing

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RPA has so many benefits for time savings, reducing manual work, and getting people back to value-adding activities. The options for what processes it can tackle are almost limitless. But when your RPA bots are working with customer data, financial information, or employee information, it’s essential to have RPA security best practices in place.

RPA Security and Governance

Whether you name one RPA administrator or an administration team, your organization needs governance over bot creation and administration. RPA administration should take care of these aspects of RPA security:

  • Determine human permissions for bot editing and creation, which can be done either on an individual level or with role-based user provisioning
  • Assign bot permissions for data and systems access and ensure that bots are only allowed to perform tasks assigned to them
  • Manage bot credentials: Each bot should have their own service account credentials, as opposed to using human credentials for bots. Just like human passwords need to be complex and change regularly, so do bot passwords.

In addition, the RPA administration team should secure bot credentials in a credential repository. These passwords should be encrypted as well.

RPA Tool Features for Security

The right RPA tool will allow for role-based user provisioning, which helps to ensure that people have the correct bot editing and creation permissions to perform their jobs. Some tools, like Automate RPA, have the built-in ability to provision users through Active Directory at the individual, team, or department level to ensure that people have access only to necessary systems and workflows.

Your RPA tool should also have an audit log so that you have visibility into the following:

  • Who made changes to a bot?
  • When were the changes made?
  • What changes were made?

This RPA audit log will help the RPA administration team to have a reference in case a bot fails and provides a log so that other users know who to ask about changes that were made.

Talk to an RPA expert

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