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Benefits of ERP Automation for Every Business Function

Benefits of ERP Automation

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An ERP solution has a certain level of automation built into the system out of the box. Your organization probably upgraded to an ERP system to automate, streamline processes, and integrate record-keeping systems. Using a robotic process automation (RPA) solution alongside your ERP system takes this process optimization further by automating the tedious, repetitive parts of managing an ERP system.

There are benefits for every area of your business that interacts with the ERP system, whether you’re using SAP, Syspro, PeopleSoft, or another system.

Financial Resource Management:

Say goodbye to typos that lead to huge problems, like paying invoices late or charging the wrong customer. Software robots can handle data entry for you, which eliminates errors. That means you’ll have accurate data in your system, and your employees won’t be doing boring data entry all day.

With automated report generation, you can keep the right people informed and achieve greater insight into the numbers. RPA bots can handle tasks like exporting a nightly report out of your ERP, converting to an Excel file, and emailing it to the right people. Less hassle + greater accuracy = better business decisions

Customer Relationship Management:

When it comes to keeping customers happy, speed is crucial. You can automate invoicing, customer reports, and more to ensure that customers always have what they need. Automate report delivery from your system to ensure you always have the right information at your fingertips. And even without automating report delivery, your ERP system brings together all the information in one place, and automated data entry and extraction means it’s accurate.

Supply Chain Management:

Set up automated alerts to the right people. With ERP automation, you can trigger an email when a product has low stock or is overstocked. Keeping inventory levels just right is essential to be able to fulfill orders but not waste resources by having too much on hand.

Manufacturing Resource Planning:

Say goodbye to appending data manually. Let’s say you get a shipment of inventory that is a different color than you’d planned, which means they need different SKUs. That means you have thousands of SKUs to update, but RPA can append data in the system unattended in a fraction of the time it’d take a person to do it.

Human Resource Management:

It might not be that hard to pull the sales data to calculate commissions for one sales rep manually. But multiply that by a growing salesforce every pay period, and you’ll be grateful you automated your ERP system. Integrate with HR platforms, like PeopleSoft, to manage data transfers for calculating sales and commissions, even setting up triggers to do this automatically at the same time every week.

These are just a few of the areas where ERP automation helps your business thrive and supports growth. Start trying out other bots with a free trial of Automate Plus.