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Commercial Clusters and Scalability

In this paper we present an introductory analysis of throughput scalability for update intensive workloads (such as measured by the TPC-C or TPC-W benchmarks) and how that scaling is limited by serialization effects in the software-hardware combination that comprises any platform.

IT Service Optimization: Reaching New Heights

Survey Says Chaos Reigns A global survey of more than 300 IT executives, directors and managers revealed that the majority of IT organizations (53%) rank in the chaotic level of IT Service Optimization maturity. That means these organizations lack a consistent process to manage and improve the quality and efficiency of their services and will continue firefighting performance and capacity issues...

Modeling Multi-Threaded Processors

There are substantial differences between single-threaded and multi-threaded architectures. The new capabilities combined with the easy-to-use Vityl Capacity Management interface makes it easy to predict application and service performance on the new multi-threaded architectures.

mySQL and the SQL Query Action

Automate can easily interact with a mySQL server and its associated databases through the SQL Query and SQL Stored Procedure actions. The document explains how to setup a mySQL data source connection through Automate that can be used to run queries against a mySQL database.