Tech Native: Avoiding Inertia With 7 Steps to a Zero-Trust Architecture | Press Release

Tech Native: Avoiding Inertia With 7 Steps to a Zero-Trust Architecture

Posted on September 16, 2022 | Cybersecurity , Data Security

In his article for Tech Native, John Grancarich simplifies Zero Trust and provides 7 steps organizations can take to implement a Zero Trust architecture. 

Originally published in Tech Native 

"Zero Trust is a cybersecurity strategy and framework built around the notion that security risks don’t only concern outside threats, but that significant danger is posed by those already within."

“Organisations must prioritise vulnerabilities and address the highest risks first. This focuses on the most important assets and workflows, putting assets into impact buckets with a ‘high’, ‘moderate’ and ‘low’ grading approach.” 

Read the full article here

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